Tapesh was brought up in his father’s clubs during the early 80s, where he had no choice but to listen to things like Kraftwerk and proper funk.

Now, having broken through into the public conscious thanks to productions Get Physical, Mobilee, OFF, Noir, and Defected, Tapesh has become very much in demand around the world, taking his flamboyant DJ sets to clubs like Cocoon, Warung, and Studio 80.

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With multi-cultural roots informed by everything from house to breakdance across scenes in UK, US and Europe, Tapesh has fomented a very unique DJ style that takes in plenty of sounds and knits them together. Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, DJ T and Anja Schneider, are all fans of that special ‘Tapesh feeling’.

Hear for yourself what Tapesh is all about, although he has been a staple at DHA/DHL for some time now, with his latest offering ‘Lay Down’. What’s more, the track is a special gift to his fans by way of a free download!

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