Athea may be a new beginning for James Dutton, but his dance music roots run deep. Half man, half motherboard since he learned to weave a wire as a bairn, Athea speaks the language of technology and bends it to his musical whim.

Expertly crafting emotion and rhythm from a synthetic world, Dutton’s productions have support from the heavyweights. Deep and dark house with a groove that runs through you like a current, his tunes have been snapped up by Gregor Tresher’s Break New Soil, Alive recordings and Great Stuff. Tunes like ‘Dancing With Strangers’ and ‘Tesla’ found their way to crowds through Marco Carola, Sasha, Steve Lawler, John Digweed, with Richie Hawtin regularly opening sets with ‘Kepler’ for a summer.

A decade percolating deep within the music industry and a lifetime of musical appreciation stands behind the Athea. The debut EP out soon on Hot since 82‘s Knee Deep In Sound Imprint sound marks the beginning of a new phase, which will see Athea spark the life into dancefloors worldwide.

Today, we are proud to premiere the EP’s title track; a mesmerizing, hypnotic and progressive bloomer fuelled by snaking saw wave bass sequences, tension building string lines and low-slung drums.

“Mind Game” is available 4 September on Knee Deep in Sound

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