After releasing his sophomore long player ‘We Walked Home Together’ through Fiakun, El_Txef_A returns with a series of remix packs on his own newly created label Forbidden Colours. With this second remix pack the label pursuits its aim to be a home for El_Txef_A’s musical adventures and a way of sharing his vision.

El_Txef_A is in that group of artists sparingly measuring their output, always searching for the new, aiming for high quality instead of constant, monotonous releases. El_Txef_A stands for a specific and complex sound signature. His primary concern to develop a sound that people can identify with as well as just simply enjoy freely. It’s common to see him playing every week around Europe and America. At an early age, he has played in many of the leading clubs in the underground scene like Watergate (Berlin), Verboten (New York), SpyBar (Chicago), Module (Tokyo)…

Bedouin is a Brooklyn-based production & DJ partnership between nomads Rami Abousabe and Tamer Malki who are creating their own idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms. Together they share an eclectic sonic vision that pulls from diverse influences owing to their Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and world travels. Their combined musical backgrounds and ever-evolving taste captures the sensibility of imagination and constantly explores the connection between ourselves and the future.

Bedouin wraps the EP up with a mystic and shamanistic feeling on their remix of ‘The Love We Lost feat. Woolfy, which we exclusively premiere. Additionally, we caught up with El_Txef_A for a quick chat about Forbidden Colours, Bedouin, touring, and more.

Explain the concept behind your newly created label, Forbidden Colours?
Forbidden Colours is an imprint and platform where I can release the music I like and also release my own productions with great freedom.

This first three releases will be the remix packs from my latest LP ‘We Walked Home Together’ but for the near future I’m planning some new releases and also various art projects.

All the music will be released on vinyl, limited copies but always in physical format.

How did you curate the collection of artists who feature on the EP, “We Walked Home Together Remix Pack 2”?
After the first pack, that actually was kind of dark and techno oriented versions, I was thinking to add some more colourful breaths.

All of them are friends or artists that I really adore and I have a connection with. I Just sent the album to them so they can choose a track and told them to feel free to reinterpret the original recordings .

As we are premiering the Bedouin remix of ‘The Love We Lost,’ can you explain how the Bedouin sound complements your own? Why were Bedouin the right remixers for this track?
Bedouin guys remix “ The Love We Lost “ which includes the vocals from Woolfy (California). Definitely one of my favourite vocalist and such a talented and awesome guy.

The lyrics and the harmonies are kind of Mystic and shamanistic which fix perfect with the mood and the awareness of Tamer and Rami from Bedouin .

Speaking of Bedouin, they are Brooklyn, NYC based (as was I prior to moving to Amsterdam). I see you have played at Brooklyn’s Verboten, which is widely regarded one of the top new clubs in the States. What have your impressions been playing that club and NYC?
I love New York , and even more Brooklyn. There is a special vibe in that area and playing in Verboten where they program incredible artists is so nice. The Verboten crew is so professional and the club is on a nice area where you can see Manhattan from the other side of the river. It isawesome to see those views when you finish the show

Also speaking about touring, I see you play several dates throughout India. It seems as though India is rapidly rising in the world of underground electronic music. Do you find this to be true? What are some experiences playing India that particularly stand out?
Yes I will be touring in India. I will play four shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. Definitely got the feeling that will be so special. I heard from the promoters that the clubs that I will be playing are run by locals. It will be amazing.

As you said, India is rising in the world of underground electronic music. I was surprised with the professionalism with which they work. I’m so excited about this new experience

What do you have planned for summer free time? Or do you work throughout the summer and take time off afterwards?
Yes, this summer seems to be very busy. After this Tour in India I will do 3 shows in Europe and after I’m flying to United States of America and Mexico for a tour. I will be playing in some of favourite cities and clubs again.

Also I’m involved with an original soundtrack for a long documentary, so I think I will need to rest a bit after this.

As an artist, what is next for you?
After India and USA I will focus a bit on the Soundtrack for the documentary, while I play some shows in Europe, also cities like Istanbul or Berlin where we will do a special Forbidden Colours showcase.

Also going to hit the studio again before 2016

‘We Walked Home Together – Remix Pack II’ is available 13 July on Forbidden Colours

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