Paco Terio or Diggler as he is better known is the Italian force behind Groove Squared. Out on Brescia-born label Ogopogo Records, A.I taps into the emotional side of house with Diggler himself describing the tracks as a result of “one man too romantic”.

Anita, on vocals, welcomes us to title track A.I where winding notes stretch into the rhythmic fringes of Diggers’ deep production. Welcome drum interludes interrupt the serene of the track, breaking up the flow with almost tribal undertones.

Stunning chords hit once again in Ghost Lover as Anita’s wavering tone introduces the passionate track. Synth echoes surround the haunting vocals with occasional strings flooding the bassline with their moonlit silhouette. Romanticism exudes of the whole record, as if a window to the heart of both artists was left open.

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The soul of A.I is tangible and whilst remixes from Franz Alice Stern and Steve Hope (that we premiere exclusively here, today) bring a funkier feel to both sides of the EP, the passion poured into this production resides on a groovier level. As Paco points out, some have less soul artificial intelligence, but A.I goes to show that he is far beyond that.

‘A.I’ is available 20 October on Ogopogo Records

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