Here’s an excellent new track taken from Soul Clap’s forthcoming compilation on Bastard Jazz Records. We hooked up with the Boston duo recently and they dropped this killer track on us for an exclusive full premiere. Scroll down and hit the play button to hear this absolute gem.

Tanner Ross always delivers top quality music, whether it be hip-hop based instrumentals or groovy house cuts, he’s one of those guys who’s able to turn his hand to anything and do it well. So this killer slice of warped funk was no surprise to us, and we’re sure you’re going to love it just as much as we do.

Soul Clap’s comp has been on repeat in our office for a good few weeks now, we can’t get enough of the funk, off-kiler house and generally upbeat party vibe of the whole thing. As anyone who knows about Soul Clap will attest, these guys know how to rock a party for hours on end and then carry straight on to the after-party. That vibe really comes through on their Tempo Dreams compilation, which is out now.

The compilation is out on 30th March… Click this link here to pick it up, we guarantee you will not be disappointed!