New York City’s MANIK fired onto the scene back in 2011 with releases on Ovum, Hot Creations and LA based Culprit.

His diverse production sound is somewhere between classic house, techno, acid, and a bit of funk & disco- never pigeonholed- he is a true Music Producer/Songwriter/DJ who’s tastes reach beyond the dance-floor. It is a sound that has brought MANIK to renowned venues such as Panorama Bar Berlin, Womb Tokyo, Fabric London, Verboten NY, Q Nightclub Seattle, and has filled clubs in almost one hundred cities across the globe.

With a steady stream of releases on the way to close out 2015, MANIK will see his music released on renowned labels BPitch Control (more on this below), his sixth release on OVUM, a follow up to his 2014 hit “Because of You” via powerhouse Black Butter, and a new Nice Age EP coming in early 2016.

With the “NY2LA EP” MANIK not is only debuting on BPitch Control, but pointing out to his move to Los Angeles by sharing his analogue-driven booty shaking spirit with us. Today’s exclusive premiere, ‘Power’ starts with a more techno-driven vibe that subsequently evolves into a deep and pushing floor beast with its rave arpeggios.

“NY2LA” is available 19 October on BPitch Control

How has the New York city underground shaped your sound over the years. Do you find that New York stays consistent in its electronic music output or is it ever evolving? What are some of your favorite venues/parties/promoters to play in NYC?
The city has always influenced me. It’s tattooed on my arm. New York made me into the dude I’ve become. Lots of cool things going on there. Let’s Play House and HAKT are doing awesome things in the more underground house sector. Always got love for those guys. Output and Verboten are cool venues. But the best part about NYC is the Pizza and Sandwiches. Say no more.

As you are now living in Los Angeles, what made you make the move? How does the Los Angeles scene (underground) compare with NYC? Do you see any key differences?
LA is a great city. Like any other place in the world, it has its positives and negatives. I’ll always be a New Yorker, but I was looking for a change of pace. Living in NYC for 28 years can do that to you. It’s more music friendly out here and I would argue, that right now, LA is more of a creative hub for music than anywhere in the U.S. Having said that, I find the clubs in Brooklyn and the parties in general back in NYC a little bit more my flavor in terms of vibes. Sometimes LA can be a bit too mainstream/bottle service for me. But there are some cool underground things going on right now like Far Away, Plastic Love and Sanctuary One. Of course there is Rhonda too.

Is showbiz composing something you are looking into? If so, on what kind of projects would you be most interested in working on? Video Games, films, documentaries…?
Yeah I would love to one day start scoring for games or films/documentaries. This is something I have always thought about doing. I love visual arts and how music and film can enhance each other tremendously. It is a give and take relationship. I do a lot of photography on my spare time too.

You’re new EP “NYC2LA” (from which we will be premiering ‘Power’) will release on BPitch Control. How did you find the creative environment at BPitch?
I love BPitch. They are solid people and get what I’m trying to do. I like a lot of different kinds of music- I always have. This is what happens when you grow up like me- listening to a musical diet of Hip Hop, 90s House, Some 00’s tech house stuff, classic Chicago and Detroit sounds, and of course old funk and disco tracks too. BPitch believes in my music and that is really important to me. They have an appreciation and affinity for older classic sounds like do I, and this was the first thing I noticed we have in common. Ellen holds it down. She is an awesome person with a great ear for tunes.

Describe the construction of the EP? What was the very first element that came to you?
The first element that came together was the groove. I feel like a lot of people would say it, but I used my TR8 run through much of my outboard sound processing to get started. I warmed it up with some analog warmth and then once I had a loop I was content with, I began to single out the elements- tracking the Kick, Clap, and Hats all separately. After this I added some bass and began writing ideas for vocals. Thats pretty much how Power, and House Of Cards came to be. Echo 3000 was started with this 5 note pulsating bass I was sequencing.

What is an essential piece of gear for you in the studio? What is an essential piece of gear for you on the road?
Studio: Moog Voyager. It’s been a rock solid analog synth in my studio since I got one a few years ago. I’ve gone through so many pieces of gear over the last 5 years, but this one has stayed through the end. So many options to modulate it, and with as many inputs as it has, not to mention the 3 oscillators, it is an absolute beast. I use it for many things.

Road: A good book, plantain chips, movies and my headphones 🙂

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