Smash TV are an internationally renowned German live act, DJ and production team that present a tongue-in-cheek Hugh Hefner meets Dart Vader-attitude in shows across the globe each and every weekend.

Having been adopted into the Get Physical family as odd cousins 3 years ago, Smash TV didn’t have much of a choice than to produce their highly acclaimed LP “Noise & Girls”. When not performing or traveling, the eclectic duo wears white lab coats and tin foil hats in their secret basement studio with a disoriented smile on their faces. Don’t be fooled though, Smash TV has been releasing music for over 15 years, and are original members of BPitch Control. After almost a decade of making music exclusively for Ellen Allien’s imprint, the duo have been spreading their output across some of the most respected German imprints: Get Physical, Souvenir, Soufooled and Katermukke.

Now, with the three-track ‘Cascadia EP’ on the LA-based label Culprit, Smash TV gets to fulfill their long-standing wish to work with the veteran producers. ‘Cascadia EP’ displays Smash TV at their most melodic and alluring, while retaining the undercurrent of synthetic tension and a firm grasp on darker textures that the duo have become known for. The mesmeric title track has powerful subtle layers of melody reminiscent of the old Border Community catalogue, but on top of a deeper groove that retains the all-important swing. ‘Cascadia EP’ is the first time Smash TV have released original music on a non-German or German Swiss label.

“Cascadia” is available 2 November on Culprit Records

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