Further Future is not just another music festival: it is something different, something more. Further Future is a festival which embraces the true roots of festival culture.

If we look to the greeks the festival was a time for people to come together share ideas and innovations, communicate, collaborate, dance, and be merry. This is exactly what FF is doing yet in a millennial sense. Further Future is the symposium for our more modern generation. It raises the question: how shall we continue to connect through technology. The festival will take place on the Moapa River Indian Reservation just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada from Friday April 29- Sunday May 1st. Here festival goers will be able to dive into the true aspects which humans have always desired from festival:


Highlighting artists like Lee Burridge, Dixon, Nicholas Jaar and Four Tet (to name a few) you can be sure the music will keep you dancing as one all night. Check out Further Future’s soundcloud for exclusive mixes from many of the other artists. And be prepared for the unbelievable technical design we’ve come to expect from the forces behind Robot Heart.


Featuring artists like Twisted Lamb and her latest installation Ice Bound. Her black and white photography highlights the grace of humanity while her work with fashion and styling allows her to stretch the bounds of perception and take a more futuristic, robotic approach to our current state of existence.


PC: Twisted Lamb


Celebrating culinary talent with designer dinners by celebrity chefs from the Las Vegas Strip like Chef Frank Gorriteca from Nobu Omakase Dinner or Chef Michael Bryant curator of multiple Los Angeles favorites like The Larchmont and Fathers Office spend between $250- $150 for a legendary feast. These fancier dinners include family style service in multiple courses a welcome drink and some also include wine. There are also brunch options! For those on a more modest budget Vendor Village will have limited seats available for meals around $45 with an optional beer pairing for $15. There will also be a few of the festival favorite: food trucks for those looking to grab a quick bite between a mentality talk and delicious deep musical adventure.

Mindfulness and Technology

This is where Further Future truly branches off from the more mainstream festivals.It has its roots on the playa in Burning Man where the festival is about connecting in a deeper sense to our world and community. This has branched out to include other likeminded conscious festivals like “Lighting in a Bottle” “What the Festival” and “Shambala”: where yoga, meditation, and mindfulness connect us as well the music. Featuring Sunset Flow the first night and Daily meditations one can be guided into a deeper knowing of self. Futurists are also invited to experience Envelop, From creators in San Francisco, which allows the listener to be completely immersed in the sound: 3D for your eardrums. This is a world made for conversation and growth. This is what is encouraged at Further Future.

So here’s to Further Future: a festival designed as a modern day symposium. For like the greeks those of us in our globally connected world wish to meet in person and discuss and experience our world on a new level. To join the conversation and community buy your tickets for Further Future now and we will see each other in the desert.

by Carolyne Deblois

Carolyne DeBlois is an actress and writer currently living, writing, and dancing in Los Angeles, CA. For more of her writing please follow her on Instagram @carolyne_deblois

Photo Credit: Gilles Bonugli Kali