Hi, I’m Danny Savage. I help DJ’s kick-start their career through online marketing. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m a firm believer that marketing is the #1 success factor in making it in the music industry today. I’ve seen too many talented musicians come and go simply because they weren’t good enough at marketing themselves and their music.

If you’re not sold on how important marketing yourself is, I’ll be writing some really interesting content over the coming weeks. It will show you why selling yourself is so important and how to do best. In the meantime, read my story where I went from a school drop-out with no qualifications to one of the UKs leading club promoters.

The difference between a ‘follower’ and a ‘fan’

There’s a big difference. A follower is someone who has decided to ‘like’ your page so they can keep-up-to-date with you.

A fan is someone who is truly engaged with you. Kevin Kelly, who created the “1,000 true fan” theory describes a ‘fan’ as “someone who will buy anything and everything you produce” (I’ll talk about Kevin’s great concept in a future blog post, it’s really interesting).

So a fan is someone who will buy all of your music, without question. Off the top of your head, how many true fans do you have based on Kevin’s definition? Your mum doesn’t count btw!

The ‘fans for life’ funnel

See my fan funnel below. As you can see, there’s a big difference between a follower and a fan. The journey begins with a listen, if people like what they hear they likely follow. Your challenge is to keep these followers engaged and entertained, turning them into true fans.

The 1 tip in turning followers into fans

Have you ever thought about why people actually buy music or go to shows / gigs? The answer is simple, a connection.

Dance music is different to other genres, it’s focussed on clubbing, making it a very social experience. This makes it easier for people to connect and support you – as it’s something they can share with their friends.

As humans we become invested emotionally with things we connect with. A connection is the difference between a poor and successful musician. If people can continue connect with you and your music, you’ll have their support for life.

This is my tip, show people that you’re HUMAN. Be real, be honest and be yourself.

Look at the biggest DJs around, they show personality. They show people they’re real and have a connection with their fans. Take Seth Troxler for example, he shows people he’s human and acts himself – which is a really funny guy. Seth uses humour to connect with fans. None of it feels very ‘serious’ and people connect with this. Importantly, it feels honest, like he’s being himself.

As an artist, if you can connect with followers enough to make them feel like they know you personally, you’ll make a lot of £££ in this industry. The best artists know people are seeking a sense of belonging, because this is what makes people feel good. In return these people will buy your records and pay to see you play live for years to come.

“If you can make people feel good, you can get anything you want in this business”
David Hopper

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