It’s been over a decade since Gui Boratto’s breakthrough full length “Chromophobia”.

Shaking up the Techno world with its contrast of minimal groove and melody, whilst including highlight single ‘Beautiful Life,’ a dance floor anthem for the era. Now, four albums and countless EPs on, the Brazilian producer’s has carved out a functional album with his fifth studio LP, “Pentagram”. Laying down a nuanced 12-track narrative, Gui Boratto reinvigorates his sound into a different perspective – including the return of ‘Beautiful Life’ vocalist (and Gui Boratto’s wife) Luciana Villanova.

The album will be available just as the summer kicks off, but in the meantime enjoy this FREE stream/download of its track ‘Forgive Me’, and be on the lookout for Gui’s new summer tour, which kicks of 12 May in Brazil, before heading all around the world.

“Pentagram” is available 15 June on KOMPAKT PRE ORDER

Soundcloud Artist Page

gui boratto-new-lp


A1/01 The Walker
A2/02 The Black Bookshelf
A3/03 Overload feat. Luciana Villanova
B1/04 Forgotten
B2/05 Forgive Me
B3/06 Scene 2
C1/07 Alcazar
C2/08 The Phoenix feat. Nathan Berger
C3/09 Halluciantion feat. B.T.
D1/10 Spur
D2/11 Pentagram
D3/12 618