Israeli duo Hard To Tell discuss their positivism heading into 2022, reflect on a difficult past few years and share with us their current favourite releases and what artist to keep a close eye on in 2022. Their Arabic Sub EP is out on Pills on Heels alongside a very special Yotam Avni remix.

Arabic Sun EP is out on Pills on Hells: 

It’s now 2022, what is the outlook for the year, any fresh goals?

We’re approaching 2022 with a renewed sense of optimism. We’ve surpassed the peak of the pandemic and we’re hopeful that this year we can return to traveling and performing around the globe. Our goal is to continue growing Hard to Tell, collaborating with artists from around the globe, and expanding our label, Pills on Heels. We are constantly looking for new music to sign from up-and-coming artists and expanding our business as producers.

What memories do you share of performing, anything that stands out, good or bad?

One of our most special memories from this past year was a thirteen hour desert we played from sunset to sunrise – without a break. We had such a great crowd, people from all over the world, and we really felt connected to them throughout the entire experience. It was really special for us to immerse ourselves with the audience and share in the experience of our music in such a breathtaking location. Watching the sun rise over the desert as our set came to an end was very powerful and emotional – something we will remember forever.

What did you learn about yourself, about the world, about your art in these recent times?

We learned that nothing is forever and not to take a single moment for granted. We are all one, experiencing this journey together, and we realized that what’s most important is to share more love and come together to get through the collective hardships. We started to see our music as a force for connecting people and getting us all through the challenges of the pandemic.

How much did the pandemic affect the music you made? 

At the beginning of the pandemic, we honestly struggled at times to feel inspired. We were accustomed to constant parties and travel, and then one day the experiences in which we used to find inspiration were suddenly gone. But we quickly learned to appreciate our newfound studio time and took full advantage, finishing old projects .

How did you link up with Zhoar Ezra and Nariz for the new single? What was the decisive moment to work together? 

Zhoar Ezra is an extremely talented Moroccan singer and a very good friend. He has a very deep soul and when we first met we felt an instant connection. When we asked him to write lyrics for our track, he agreed right away and the rest is history. Nariz is our partner for our label, Pills on Hills, and is another very talented artist and even more amazing friend. We have been working together for years and have been friends for a very long time. We love and respect each other’s visions and whenever we work together, the collaboration happens so naturally. We have a great chemistry with Nariz and every time we work together the end result is always really special.

Who has been the single biggest inspiration for your musical development? 

In the most non-cliche way possible, we simply feel inspired from the bottom of our hearts. For both of us, music has been a part of our identities for as long as we can remember. It’s impossible to pinpoint one specific source of inspiration, but overall our general excitement and passion for discovering and developing great music is what motivates us to work every day on growing and becoming the best we can be.

What are the key tools in your arsenal as a producer? 

First and foremost is that we never sleep. Never. We’re constantly running on adrenaline. And like we mentioned before, music is in our nature. But the most important tool, and what makes us unique, is our focus on creating strong relationships. We have an amazing chemistry between the two of us – we are musical partners but also best friends. And it’s equally important for us to have a strong relationship with other artists when collaborating on a project. Friendship is truly the key to having the perfect flow when we’re creating new music.

Please share your favourite release of 2021 and then a Producer that we should keep an eye on in 2022? 

Our Favourite release of 2021 is: Tal Fussman – Underneath the Surface EP, he is also an artist you should keep an eye on in 2022!