Tulum, Mexico, an area known for it’s radical healing energy and gorgeous off-jungle beaches, home to an ancient Mayan civilization that disappeared somewhere around the 16th century.

Although much mystery remains, we do know they were one of the most astronomically and spiritually advanced civilizations of their time who left behind a calendar set to end on Dec. 21st, 2012. While some believed The Maya predicted an end of the world others believed the date represented a shift towards “a new era that will usher in an age of higher consciousness, greater peace, and enhanced understanding among the diverse people on the planet.”

The Maya Hearts Gathering looks to spread as much love and positive energy as humanly possible. Through music, art, and self-expression, Maya Hearts elevates to a higher collective consciousness to create the best possible vibe on its dance floors. This New Years Eve, Maya Hearts touches down in the jungle of Tulum to usher in the ultimate Mayan prophecy with the likes of Atish, Bedouin, LUM, Matthew Dekay, Nico Stojan, YokoO, Sabo, and more providing the soundtrack.

Here, one of Maya Hearts main acts, DJ Sabo, has put together a playlist of his favorite 8 tracks on Soundcloud that are available for free download in honor of his own free download of ‘Force 4 Movement’, off the recently released Vibe Quest Chapter Two EP. A groovy, psychedelic playlist, featuring some hidden gems that only a DJ who’s been around for over 20 years would be able to dig up.

You can also catch DJ Sabo in San Franicsco on 15 January at the famed Public Works, alongside Mikey Lion and Lee Reynolds. Find more information HERE

Acid Pauli | Jamie and Selda | Unreleased Edit

On of my biggest inspirations, and a talented man I’m honored to call a friend, Acid Pauli giving away one of his biggest remixes. This was such hit on the Playa this year!

Armen Miran | Marta (Duduk Mix)

A deep emotional tune from a rising young producer originally from Armenia, but now located here in Los Angeles. Gorgeous use of the Duduk, as well as clever effects and delays on the vocals. Keep an eye out for more from Armen Miran on Sol*Selectas in 2016

Hraach | Dle Yaman (116 Deep Mix)

Hraach has been making waves lately with his Middle Eastern deep house sounds, and this freebie is no exception with 24K downloads already clocked in. I predict he will be very big name in 2016.

Rodrigo Gallardo | Uakti | Andante

As a member of Matanza, one of my favorite electronic live acts, Rodrigo has been also creating incredible tunes on his own. Incorporating organic sounds and instruments indigenous to his native land in Santiago Chile, these tracks are both deep, moving, and playful at the same time. Rodrigo is also on the calendar for a Sol*Selectas release in 2016.

Sabo | Yaybahar (Remix) | Unreleased

New FREE give away of an exclusive remix I made earlier this year. I have been playing this one in my sets since Burning Man, and its an emotional tune that gets a great reaction every time. It samples the incredible musical instrument yaybahar, invented by Turkish musician Görkem Şen.

Dolly Parton | Jolene (Todd Terje Remix) | Gouranga

Probably the KING of disco edits (of our time) in my opinion, its nice to see the Norwegian master serve up a Freebie as I hadn’t seen one from him in a while. Amazing re-work on the ever popular Dolly Parton classic, this is a guilty pleasure that puts a smile on every dance floor face and just works every time.

Nicola Cruz | Sendero

With much critical acclaim and success from his recently released full length album on ZZK Records, Ecuador’s Nicola Cruz has been on my radar for some time. This is one on his earlier giveaways that turned me on to his sound. Its a beautiful mid tempo tune ripe for sunset sessions.

Mikey Lion & Sabo | Into The Jungle EP | Desert Hearts Records

Had to end with a the new one from myself and Mikey Lion, the head homeboy over at Desert Hearts records. We had so much fun making this EP, and skateboarding in between studio sessions! As an added bonus we enlisted our dear friends Joyce Muniz and Lonely Boy to create remixes, and they simply knocked it out of the park!!


31 December | Maya Hearts | Tickets | Tulum, Mexico

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