Over the last few months it’s been painful to watch the Syrian refugee crisis unfold and to watch certain countries treat innocent people, who have nowhere to go, like animals.

It is a horrific journey these people are faced with crossing many borders to reach a safe place where they are not judged or treated inhumanly. Watching a recent Panorama Documentary compounded the plight and suffering they go through and the reactions of some governments. In two weeks time on Sunday 25th October Stuart Geddes, Isis Salvaterra and Claus Voigtmann are organising a charity event.

THE EVENT WILL BE HELPING Help for refugees in Molyvos (Starfish charity) – friend of the event Peggy Whitfield is on location working as a volunteer receiving the refugees and the situation is crucial, they are much in need of help.

The line-up will include special guests as well (including Craig Richsrds), so come and party for a good cause. We are all in this together and we can all help in our own unique ways. <3 See also: Techno For Humanity: What The World Can Learn From Dance Music


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