Romania’s Livio & Roby have been putting their own supernatural twist on house and techno for the past 10 years. Their connection with the global electronic music movement has been channeled via highly influential outlets such as Desolat, VIVa, Saved and Fumakilla.

Livio & Roby will be one of the many musical acts to see at the British High Definition Festival, which takes place on 5 and 6 September. Just a few of the headliners are artists such as Luciano, Kerri Chandler, Nick Curly, Breach, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Disciples.

While their physical presence has been felt in a myriad of venues from Buenos Aires to Detroit, and across much of Europe. From dynamic DJ sets and innovative live performances to album projects and a constant flow of cutting edge, dance floor-based productions the duo remain one of their nation’s leading artists in the field.

Romania’s spirit is evident in all aspects of their music; The tribal rhythms penetrate your psyche, the organic instrumentation lifts your spirit; flutes and vocals combine with delicate chimes, while groovy basslines and solemn melodies create a magical concoction. It’s a formula that caught the ears of their early supporters, Steve Lawler signed them up to VIVa Music and Berlin stalwart Woody introduced them to the city’s music scene via his highly-respected Fumakilla label.


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