A favorite of DHL, Hollis Parker’s debut LP, ‘The Last Raw Era,’ applies a hip-hop aesthetic to a house music album, creating an immersive listening experience over the course of 10 deeply emotive tracks.

Crafted in the true old-school style, Hollis took a turntable, samplers, and a stack of vinyl, creating a musical tapestry from instrumental samples, snatches of movie dialogue and heartfelt vocals. Themed around two distinct love stories evolving relationship between two fictional characters, the result is both familiar and absolutely unique.

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Available on 4 November via Parker’s own SoSure Music, here we have something very special in anticipation. A FREE DOWNLOAD, ‘Born From The Sound Of Dust – The Prequel’ is a a prelude mixtape to ‘The Last Raw Era’. It is 14 exclusive tracks to set the narrative, as well as continuous mix!

DOWNLOAD ‘Born From The Sound Of Dust – The Prequel’ HERE

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