A regular in the Barcelona scene, Vidaloca is an artist with a unique house sound that is stripped back but always driven by funk. He has joined us to discuss his inspiration and future plans in today’s interview.


Vidaloca! How are you, how has the last year been for you?

Well, it was a very complicated year, we were starting to be able to play at events and due to the covid restrictions, they have all had to be canceled, which has been really frustrating for me. Although, in terms of music production, it has been very productive.

are you back to playing gigs now? how does it feel?

Yes! I have been playing in several events in Spain and the truth is,that it’s really strange. People have to be seated, the clubs operate at reduced capacity and it is difficult for a DJ to play under these conditions. On the other hand, it’s good because you can take advantage and play some deeper or cooler music that normally I wouldn’t play, to try to make people have a good time.

What is the art of house music for you? why did you first get drawn to the sound, what did you like about it?

well, I’ve never been from a specific musical genre, what really attracts me is to connect with the public in a special way. Either with house, tech-house, minimal, or any other sub-genre I think is appropriate at that moment. What I like the most is how the music makes me feel when I play with a crowd that understands what I’m playing.

Does Barcelona have its own unique techno sound and style? If so, what is that?

Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city, there are events for all tastes, be it techno or other genres. On a Friday night you can find many offers in the city of all kinds of musical styles of electronic music.

What inspired the new tune “The night”  – where and when was it written for?

It’s inspired by the arrival of summer, which is when it was produced. Before summer arrives I always want to do something more fresh, fun, and cool. It’s not something I  decide to do, my body demands me to do it!

Are you making tunes to play in your own sets, with certain clubs and situations in mind?

With music production, I try to be myself while making a track. I don’t think that making music designed for something, in particular, is productive for oneself. It’s true that I try to follow a line because I like too many styles, but I prefer to focus on one and exploit it to the fullest, at least for now!

What makes your music unique, what do you pride yourself on when producing?

I’m proud to make music and then listen to it and think: “Damn it, I don’t believe this song could have been made by me!” Hahaha

Where is your best environment as a DJ? a small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc etc

I like all kinds of stages or clubs as long as the booth is very close to the crowd, at festivals sometimes the DJ booths are very far away and they make me feel a little lonely. I love to see the faces, to see the reactions because of the songs that I‘m playing at that moment.