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It’s time to transcend the physical and evaporate into the Realm Of Consciousness as Afterlife unveil the next installment of their influential compilation series. Showcasing the outlet’s diverse output, which is broad yet cohesive, Realm Of Consciousness brings together a range of artists. From more established names such as Joseph Capriati and Patrice Bäumel, to new acts like Beswerda, the compilation continues to build the all-encompassing legacy of Afterlife.

Realm Of Consciousness begins with Colyn & Innellea’s ‘Obnoxious Desire’, a deep sombre opener which gently guides us into an esoteric alternate dimension in sound. From there we’re transported into a life-affirming world where darkness and light are merged, and juxtaposed, co-existing on the same auditory plane. In some instances dark dominates, while in others, it’s the light that acts as a beacon for our expedition into the infinite realm of consciousness. By the time we reach the closing chapter with Gardens of God’s ‘BOILeR’, we’ve experienced melancholy, euphoria, joy, sorrow and a myriad other emotional states.

Ease back, allow the mind, body and spirit to come into alignment and drift away into the fifth Realm Of Consciousness…

Artist(s): Various Artists
Title: Realm Of Consciousness Pt.V
Record Label: Afterlife Recordings
Cat.Number: AL053
Release Date: 23rd July 2021

1) Colyn & Innellea – Obnoxious Desire
2) Recondite – Scope
3) Adriatique – Trance Lesson
4) Patrice Bäumel – Beacon
5) Joseph Capriati – Sogno Profondo
6) Stephan Jolk – Morgen
7) Fideles – Interface Technology
8) Hunter/Game & Primal – Tears Apart
9) Marino Canal – Windspeak
10) Ae:ther – Mechanisms
11) DYZEN – Rain Dance
12) Agents Of Time – Nightfall
13) Glowal – Blunder
14) Tone Depth – Anthizo
15) Fedele – Back2Trance
16) Beswerda – Turmoil
17) Gardens Of God – BOILeR