In the UK, it seems like you are more apt to stay in brewing a cup of coffee than indulge on a night out of hedonism.

At least that is according to the latest annual report from the Office for National Statistics, which highlights the spending habits of consumers around the UK. The studies primary intention is to quantify rate of inflation but has been quite a reliable barometer in identifying existing and future consuming trends.

Regarding nightlife, the UK has gone through a swarm of negative publicity and volatility throughout their nightlife scene, with soaring prices and falling incomes playing a heavy role into that. However, it may be the increasingly fast-paced, no-leisure time lifestyle that provides better insight into why exactly Britons are more likely to splurge on a dinner than go to a nightclub.

A few of the things that are now more popular than nightclubbing include Nespresso makers, finger food, computer game downloads, and nail varnish (!), while rewritable CD-ROMS, power point, and organic apples find themselves alongside the less popular.

Source: Dazed Digital