Acumen is a French DJ/Producer and label boss of Time Has Changed Records. An artist held in great esteem amongst his peers, his talent in the studio is plain for everyone to see over the years.

We caught up with him recently to talk about his influences, his productions techniques, and his recent release ‘Innocent Flower’ on Ein2, the recent sister label of Einmusika Recordings

“I have no rider”

How are you, what’s good, what’s bad?
I feel incredibly good. I have just turned 40 years old, an incredible age. My professional and artistic projects go very well, and my third child will be born in 3 weeks.

Now summer is over do you find yourself in the studio more, as there are less distractions?
Not really. I like to produce at any time of the year. I have a way to produce enough nomad since all my (virtual) instruments are as well on my mac book as on my studio iMac. I love the changes of season and I find it interesting enough to produce new pieces. Autumn is probably my favorite season, in the feel, the temperature and the colors. It motivates me a lot.

Do you make different music in summer vs winter? Does the weather affect your musical mood?
It is possible, because in summer I think we generally have more desire for rhythms and maybe a little less melody. Autumn and winter inspire me with melancholy but in the positive sense of the term. I want to produce more sought after things.

So what inspired or influenced the new EP on EIN2?
I do not really know what influenced me. I think I’m in a key moment of my life. I am more well, I know myself better, I know what I want or what displeases me. I think I have finally found the style and the music that I want to produce. Innocent FLower is a culmination and a revival in my career.

Are you making music with certain crowd, club or moment in mind?
Completely. I think it is very important when you make music made for clubs, to imagine in parties, afters, open airs … all kinds of places where we have already lived parties.

Are you formally trained? Your music often has lots of melody – can you play keys and piano yourself?
I have never followed a musical training and I miss it. I recently worked with a pianist in the studio. We have a tremendous deal. Innocent Flower is the first track we produce together and I think that’s fine. He is also with me in my life to make him much more alive. I am able to play melodies and know what is right or wrong, but the contribution of my pianist is a remarkable thing for my new EP;)

What did you make of the Jeremy Underground saga that broke the other day? What’s your take?
I always had a desire in music, it is humility. Probably because I do not only do that but also especially because it is my education and my character. You know it is very easy to get lost in this environment. 99% of people take drugs (and this is not a problem for me), people think they are rock stars because they have composed two tracks, or play in front of 1000 people … try to stay simple even if it is not easy I concede. It happens when you play being in afters, to be asked, even treated like a star…

I do not throw everything on Jeremy, because it is the law of supply and demand. They have probably already accepted 100 times his requests before. It is also the fault of promoters who should not accept such requests from a guy who is not a star, far from that! But Jeremy please change your name to OVERGROUND … 😉

What’s on your rider? Do you think it’s fair to ask for certain things to make you feel comfortable?
I will tell you very honestly and my booker will be able to confess it to you, I have no rider … and yet I am the least wise of the evenings. I love evidently feeling comfortable at an evening, but I adapt to everything. I like the rock and punk side of electro … I like things to go in every way, I like the free side of holidays, and not that too organized.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
I never stop producing in reality. So many things will come out in the coming months. I just signed on the label of one of the biggest djs of the world;) and I prepare my third album, that’s good … thank you for the interview guys!

Acumen’s ‘Innocent Flower’ is out now on Ein2 BUY

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