Alex Mine has proven himself to be a rock solid producer who turns out high quality tunes at a high rate.

He counts like the likes of Dubfire as his biggest fans and has released on his label as well as Carl Cox’s Intec. Mixing up techno, house and minimal into his own refreshing new sonic forms. drums and energy are always at the heart of all he does. Teaming up with partners Alex Costa and D­Deck he creates Comade Music, a label that is as reliable as he is as a DJ and a producer. Here we talk to him about his new release on Terminal M and SCI+TEC, how his sound and taste has evolved, getting his tunes played by big likes like Richie Hawtin and more besides.

“I love to create dark underground techno journeys, but I also love putting my sunglasses on and playing that shaky-tech grooves when the summer is on.”

How has summer been so far? is it a good or bad time to write music?
Amazing, studio things and gigs are going hands in hands.. can’t wait to let you listen my new music is coming out and playing amazing venue like helene beach festival this july. musically speaking, i’m inspired by people, events, feelings… and they don’t have a season to occur.

Do you make or play stuff that is warmer, more happy, in summer than in winter?
I love to create dark underground techno journeys, but I also love putting my sunglasses on and playing that shaky-tech grooves when the summer is on.

What are your aims when making music, what do you think is your signature sound, do you try and get that across in each new tune?
I do not have music targets. I just open my sequencer and let my inspiration go…​ ​some days I feel more minimal, some days techno, other ones I feel rock and punk. That is my signature.

You have released more than 100 eps so far – where do the ideas come from? what inspires you to start work on a track?
Yessss, a lot of music already out, I think I could play for days without playing anyone else’s track. 🙂 i listen to music all day long.. U2, Depeche Mode, muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ludovico Einaudi, M83, Placebo, Oasis.. how can you not being inspired by these guys???

How has your sound and style evolved over those releases? and has your gear or setup also changed much?
Like everything in your life, the more you do something, the more you do it better. so that’s not better way to find your style then make make make make music. about my gear… i’m a “less is more” fan. my studio is changed over the years of course but it is not full of machines, very cool ideas come from your mind, not from machines. you just need good monitor to give the tracks quality and a lot of very strong and positive vibes.

Tell us about new eps you have coming on labels like Terminal M and Dubfire’s – how different are they? Whats inspired these? Do you make music with certain labels in mind?
Super proud of both. my sci+tec ep is dark, minimal, mental, love it. the terminal m ep is a banger! i have 2 tracks really different between them and 1 collaboration with my studio mate d-deck titles “opus” which i think you will hear a lot about ;-)​

What is it like when people such as Richie or Joseph use your music on their mix cds – does it feel good? does it inform you next time you go in the studio?
Well, big djs are playing everyone’s music by now, but it means that you’re working properly. What else have you got coming up/are you working on? i have few started projects on my sequencer which I can’t wait to finalize. but I’m also teaming up with another artist to create a new artistic adventure. info soon.

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