Fast becoming a household name on the scene, Cocoon and Hot Creations regular POPOF is at the top of his game right now. The Parisian has worked with the likes of Depeche Mode, Chemical brothers, Moby just to name a few.

Having just mixed the latest Amnesia Compilation with Luca Donzelli, POPOF is fast creating a legacy behind him.

“I tried to capture at the same time Ibiza’s sunny summer spirit”

How are you, what good, what bad right now? How has summer been so far?
Hello. I’m doing great! My summer mix for Amnesia Ibiza’s out now and I’m very happy with it. And I’ve been playing in the coolest places you can imagine, from amazing festivals like Glastonbury to the hypest clubs in the world so … I can safely say my summer’s been super good so far.

How did you decide what tunes to use on your mix? How many did you start with?
I decided to go for a mix starting with some House/Tech House, with tracks such as Sven Tasnadi’s ‘rain’ or Swirl people ‘We use to party’. Then the mix evolves with more underground tracks such as Chris Carrier and Dan Ghenacia ‘the blue grass’ and ends with Dancefloor vibes, such as The Mekanism ‘the lost girl’ or Mirco Caruso’s remix of Timid boy ‘s ‘Dancefloor’.

How much have you tried to capture the feeling or a night in Amnesia – was that the aim? And what is that feeling like for you?
Well yes, absolutely. I tried to capture at the same time Ibiza’s sunny summer spirit and Amnesia’s atmosphere the way I feel it. For me, Amnesia as a feeling combines being positive, easy-going but hard-partying at the same time. They do it so well on the island, and always stay classy.

What makes the club so special? What’s it like to DJ in there? How is it different to other places?
I think what differentiates Amnesia from a lot of clubs on the market is that its team is impeccable and professional. The DJs they invite over are the best; Amnesia’s sound, visuals, decoration and general setting are top-notch. And they’re at the top without acting all stuck-up, which I personally appreciate.

As a DJ, playing at Amnesia is a fantastic experience, in terms of everything I’ve mentioned previously, and also because their crowd is made of real enthusiasts. I’ve met of some the party-goers and some of them work hard and save up during the whole year just to spend a few nights at Amnesia.

Can you remember the first time you went there what it was like and what you felt?

I was impressed by how gigantic and well-decorated the club was. Not to sound blasé, but I’ve had my fair share of big clubs around the world and not so many can compete with Amnesia.

Is it hard to connect with the crowd because it is so big? Do you have to play different tunes than usual?
On the contrary! The bigger the number, the merrier! The crowd is made of real fans of the genre and they respond 100% to what I play. I never prepare tracks in advance, in any of my sets, because I like to feel the temperature, study the crowd’s reaction and adapt accordingly, so no, no different tunes than usual because there is no usual!

What are some of your favourite memories of the club? Can you give us any stand out moments?
My favorite was Amnesia’s party two years ago, with Gorgon City, Joseph Capriati, Maceo Plex, Mar-T, the Martinez Brothers and so many more. It was before the laws changed in Ibiza, forcing the clubs to close much earlier. We partied like crazy until 4 PM the next day! I looked like a beast in the end, all sweaty and smelling like an ashtray.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
The next weeks will be quite busy. I will notably play at Dreambeach festival in Spain on August 12, and I’ll be back to Ibiza on August 21st for the Cocoon party at Amnesia with Sven Vath, Dixon, Ilario Alicante and Adriatique.

Otherwise I’m working on a collaborative EP with my good friend Julian Jeweil, which should be out in the fall. I’ll keep you posted!

Have you got any other secret tips and tricks for people going to Ibiza on where they should eat or drink, to unwind after a night like Amnesia?
Well, there’s a lovely restaurant, Es Torrent, where you can eat delicious food with your feet literally in the sand. Otherwise I like going to Kyupiddo, it’s quite elegant, the settings are gorgeous and they have a one-of-a-kind view. I also like to relax on the beach, I stick to the classics such as Salinas and Cala Conta.

Amnesia 2017 is out now! BUY

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