In 2022, Arodes established himself as an important emergent producer in the electronic music scene, with tracks like Reborn”, “Storm”, and “Esperanza” among others. These tracks have been played by some of the industry’s top artists including ARTBAT, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Monolink, Swedish House Mafia, and more.

This year looks promising for Arodes with performances at Coachella, Club Space Miami, Caprices Festival, and more.  Arodes also has several big upcoming releases such as his collaboration track with Andrea Oliva “Future Call” as well as a Solo EP titled “Lunar” on RÜFÜS DU SOL‘s label “Rose Avenue”.

Today, we caught up with Arodes to talk about his latest release “Elevate”, his musical influences, studio setup, touring, and more plans for 2023.

Hey Adrian! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How has 2023 been for you so far?  

I started the year with a lot of motivation and energy. In January I played 2 very good festivals, Buena Vida Beach in Colombia and BPM in Costa Rica. Then  February was more like a celebration month since I had the wedding of 1 of my best friends in Mexico and then my birthday at the end of the month. Now in March, I am in the middle of a Euro Tour that includes several dates in my home country Spain as well as in Dubai, Israel, etc.  

 Also, I had a couple of good releases so far this year (Esperanza and Elevate) and I am working on the preparation for the upcoming releases I have in the following months. But most importantly is that I started the year very focused on doing my best in each performance, keeping connecting with the audience, and continuing to give magical moments through my music. 

Congrats on your latest release «Elevate» on connected. What was your inspiration behind this record?  

I wanted to create a very powerful track that can work on the dance floor at the peak time of your set, but at the same time something groovy that moves your body and makes you dance. Then of course, I wanted the track to be special and to make people feel and remember it, that’s why the very energetic melody on the break and main drop. 

You collaborated with Klement Bonelli for this track. How did you meet, and what was your experience working together?  

I have been following Klement for a long time. I really like his productions, his music. In fact, there’s a track of his called Marvinello that I think is a work of art and  I’ve played it many times. We connected on Instagram, started talking, and realized that we share the same musical style, vision, and sound, so we decided to collaborate on Elevate. While we were working on the track, I invited him to play with me at my residency in Void Mykonos and we got along very well. Then, we played again in the closing party of Club Chinois in Ibiza and we finished the night with an amazing back-to-back and the energy was spectacular. He’s a good person and I’m happy to work with him. 

What are some musical influences that you believe have shaped your sound?  

My sound is influenced by different musical styles, different places in the world,  and different cultures. It has a significant influence from Africa, particularly Afro-house, and their percussion is the foundation of my music. I’m heavily influenced by  Techno and House too, but mostly my music is dominated by melody. I’m a very sentimental, sensitive person and I like to transmit that with my music. I like to touch people’s hearts and give them an experience, not just make them dance. I  achieve that with melody, which is what defines my music. 

Can you name some of the instruments or plugins that you believe define your sound?  

As instruments I am completely in love with serum, it’s the easiest way to make any sound yours, you only need to link some of the LFO with any parameter to modify as you wish. As plug-ins, I couldn’t live without FabFilter or izotope plug-ins. 

How do you judge the success of your work? What makes you realize you have made something special?  

For me, the success of my work is being able to do what I love, in what I manage to transmit to the audience through my music. I am a sensitive artist, I like to convey love, and trust, and create moments of happiness. Each expression of happiness on the dance floor is for me a moment of success. 

Where can people expect to see you performing live in the coming weeks? 

I feel very grateful because I’m going to play at Space Miami for the first time and I have a great list of events coming up after that like Caprices festival or Coachella. My next performances in order will be 19th Surreal Festival Mexico, 21st Space Miami, 25th L’abarset Andorra, April 1st  Sun & Snow Festival, April 6th Forum Israel, April 8th Caprices Festival, and then the Coachella festival.  

Now that «Elevate» is out, what is next for ARODES?  

A track on March 31 in collaboration with Andrea Oliva. A solo EP called “Lunar” on  Rufus Du Sol’ label “Rose Avenue” composed of 3 tracks in May and a track called Butterflies with the same label at the end of April. 

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go? 

Thank you for the opportunity in this interview to talk about my music and what I’m working on for this year.

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