Birds of Mind is the collaboration of Parisian based duo DJ/producers Alex Heim & Adrian Carreno.

Together they compose a genre of music which is electronic, mostly nourished by the exploration of organic sounds and hypnotic beats. Their music offers a spiritual, peaceful and loving feeling, always up lifting and close to the goodwill of nature.

“we like to bring a soft touch to our techno beats.”

Tell us about coming up in Paris, the scene that got you into dance music, and why you loved it?
We are both based in Paris. We are from different backgrounds but Paris is where we started going out and partying with our friends. There is a really cool underground culture and our scene is growing more and more for the past two years… most of the events we play for are in special unique locations with really cool artists involved.

How did you guys first meet? What made you want to work together?
We have an amazing friend in common and he advised us to sit down and produce. Alex was running solo as a dj and Adrian was in a rock band. We followed his advice, sat down one night, came out with two tracks. The next day Alex played them in a podcast, posted it online and got a call asking what was those two tracks. Next thing we knew we signed them on a label. That was how Ankara was born and released on Echolette. It was very obvious after that first session that we had to start a project together.

And who does what? Do you each have certain skills in the studio that you bring to the table?
We do everything together from A to Z. The research of sounds and beats, and the direction we want to take our projects to. We don’t always agree but we compromise if one us is not satisfied. We spend a lot of hours making sure it represents what we believe in and sounds exactly like we want. So far so good.

Describe each other to us in a few sentences, tell us what you love and hate about each other.
We are like brothers. We love and hate everything about each other…. Ahaha

Adrian you are classically trained – is that important to make good house and techno do you think?
Classical music is above all very demanding and requires a lot of work, one learns to be patient and we have progressed little by little with the years. This requires the learning of instrumental technique and at the same time an understanding of major work, how to make live, written music and interpret it. All this work has seriously helped electronic music.

Alex, why do you live in Greece half the year? What it like there? Is there a good music scene?
I have spent all my summers since I was a child in Mykonos. It’s a very special island with strong ancient energy. We get very creative here and the natural elements are very strong, that helps a lot for the inspiration.

Amazing artists from the techno scene have been coming here the past 20 years. However in the last few years the scene changed and attracted a new kind of crowd. Now the Mykonos scene is a must in terms of quality music. I work as the music Director of Scorpios and I bring amazing talents like Satori, Audiofly, Be Svensen.

Tell us about your studio – do you use hardware or software to get your sounds?
Our studio is really small in Paris and we work essentially on the road, mostly with software. But we also do a lot of recordings during our trips. The rest is our secret recipe.

What are you looking forward to about your gigs in Ibiza? Have you partied much on the island before?
Ibiza is special to us because we were resident in Heart for Acid Sundays last year. This year we are more based in Mykonos for our residency in Scorpios but we had an amazing time playing at Hï Ibiza for Black Coffee with Lee Burridge.

Your bio says you like a spiritual, peaceful vibe – is that as an antidote to all the heat in the world? Is music escapism for you?
It’s true we like to bring a soft touch to our techno beats. Of course, it’s an antidote to the heat in the world, especially after the attacks in Paris that touched all our generation and friends. We want to make music that brings people together from all horizons and generations. Vocals and organic beats are the key to our productions and dj sets.

There has been some recent controversy about men’s views on women in dance music. What are your thoughts?
Seriously, we couldn’t care less. An artist is an artist. We are all equal. This profession is for everyone who is passionate. We have so much respect for so many female artists and we are supported by so many of them. That there is nothing controversial in our point of view.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
We still have a long summer season to go. We have great upcoming shows at Kater in Berlin / Uberhaus in Beirut and more. We also have a few really cool releases and we are working on our live set. We moved our studio to Mykonos and stay on the island to create more and more. We are looking forward sharing it all every soon.

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