Carlo Whale is an Italian experimental producer. He has been developing his pursuit in his hometown, Cagilari.

His music  presents emotive, distinctive and unique sounds by pursuing boundaries between music, technology and nature. 

Carlo has a handful of quality releases landing on labels such as Einmusika, Steyoyoke, Inner Symphony, Poesie Musik and Manual Music, establishing himself as one of the most exciting breaking-trough artists of 2020. 

He has joined us in a conversation today about his musical inspirations, newest release, Broken EP , and more. 

Hey Carlo, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

Hey guys, thanks for having me! I’m fine thank you, we’re all coming from a very weird couple of years but overall I can’t really complain. I’m finally back playing some gigs, planning some cool releases for the months to come and working on new music and this is what gets me excited. On the other hand I can still sense a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic, generally speaking, and I feel people are starting to get affected by this psychologically.

What was it like to get back to partying and DJing again after the pandemic?

It’s been some kind of a rebirth, I won’t hide it. I felt a bit insecure in the first place about whether I was able to keep it up due to the long long down-time, but as soon as I played the first track in front of people, all the doubts faded away and left room for energy and fun. We all really need to push away these dark times as soon as possible and being back on a dancefloor in close contact with others sharing love and energy can be one of the most effective ways. You can really feel it when you step into clubs, vibes are electric.

Tell us about growing up and getting into dance music – why did you love it?

I didn’t actually grow up to dance music per se, as a teenager I was mostly into punk, metal, new wave and stuff like that… Where I live is not quite the center of the world and the Internet in the early 00’s is nowhere near what it is today, so trends and music used to hit us with a certain delay. Sure I’ve been hearing some electronic music in my adolescence too, but the game changer was hands down “Strobe” by Deadmau5. That track had something that immediately hooked me up, a subtle melancholic feeling mixed with the energy of a four by four beat: that was love at the first sight.

What styles did you love at first, why did you want to dj and produce?

As I was saying before, I was totally fascinated by deadmau5’ music and started digging into various styles and genres within the electronic world and eventually felt the need to express myself with that language. Tech house was big at the time in Italy so I naturally began trying to reproduce what I was hearing all around me. That wasn’t really any form of artistic expression, but eventually it helped me figuring out the basics of music production. Year after year I’ve defined my taste more and more and at some point I started feeling curious about how other people may have reacted to what I was doing in my bedroom, so I started djing for friends and small parties. The first attempts were awful of course, but the excitement was high and kept me going.

And what is your own sound, what makes your music unique?

Melancholy, possibly? Making music is a way for me to express my feelings and emotions and often live with this gloomy, wistful state of soul which has become my sort of comfort zone. I think I try to communicate that in my music through the melodies I make, like you’ll never ever see me using a major scale, for example. I think I can say I have some kind of signature sound as well, that I use to transmit and those feelings, but it’s not easy for me to find adjectives to describe it. I’m not so good with words for this, that’s why I rather leave it to the music.

What inspired your new “Broken” EP on New Tab Music – where and when was it written?

My creative process doesn’t usually come from a well-defined moment of inspiration, most of the time I just sit down in my home studio and let it go unfettered. If everything goes well, at the end of the process I’m satisfied with the result and the file drops into my “finished tracks” folder and when I have a bunch of them that I believe they make sense together, I have a new EP ready to be sent to labels. That happened with “Broken” and the other two tracks, “Inner Self” and “Stream of Consciousness”. They were all written and produced in different times, I kept some of them sitting there for a while waiting for something to pair them up with. I think the last one I finished was Inner Self, a few months after the other two, then listening back to some stuff in the above mentioned “finished tracks” folder, I found out that those three could be something together. I’m glad to be part of such an ambitious project as New Tab Music, we are friends and they have a very good taste. Echonomist is a great fit in this as well, his remix is upper class.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?

The creative impulse comes from a deep need of expression, I guess it’s the same for every artist. It’s very important to me knowing that I can count on stable personal relationships like friends and family because they’re like a safe harbour that I know I can always rely on. On another hand, I find sports to be a very powerful source of motivation: I used to be a professional table tennis player and I know for a fact how much patience, perseverance and hard work pay off both in music and in life. I also enjoy visual arts like painting, sculpture and design, I find them fascinating and they help me to keep myself curious and open-minded.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I’m constantly working on myself and trying to improve the quality of my music. It’s an endless journey but it has to be done. I’m working on scheduling some gigs in Europe for the next few months, as I feel I really need the energy of the dancefloor that we were talking about earlier. On the production side, I don’t really like giving myself unnecessary deadlines, so of course I’m working on new music but with no pressure to deliver. 

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2022?

Well that’s an easy one, I really wish Covid-19 will be a distant memory by then, not just thinking about the entertainment industry. Musically speaking, I do have a dream label where I’d love to release music one day, but I’m a little superstitious and I won’t tell you which one it is!