Hey Christian. How has your year been so far?
Hi, thank you for this interview, I spent my last year spent setting up all my stuff after a long layoff due to covid.

How did you first hook up with Joy Kitikonti for this EP?

Joy and I have been friends for about 20 years, this year is the 17th anniversary of the first record we made together. I wanted to share an idea for this EP with Joy and develop it with him.

Who did what, did you each do different parts or was it a fully fused collab?

The first idea for the EP was mine, but Joy added the magic touch that can only be implemented by an experienced musician and dj producer like him, that made the EP even more perfect

It’s is a big melodic anthem, did you write it with that in mind? Epic festivals stages and that sort of thing?

It is a dedication to music, for the love I have for music, also I wanted to share it with a special person. Me and Joy have the same passion, the same busy life due to music between ups and downs.

Did you play the guitars yourself, are you formally trained?

I am not a professional musician, everything in this EP has been done in a natural way with the help of Joy Kitikonti

How different do you sound on your own vs with someone?

my sound doesn’t have a well-defined line, it doesn’t change based on who I work with or not, I can tell you that I love music all around and my favorite genres range from deep electronic to melodic electronic techno

What about the vocals? How important are the words vs the sounds of the voice?

I believe that vocals gives an extra edge to an EP, especially when you want to deliver a message, in this case “falling for you” is a dedication to Music.

What gear did you use and does that matter?

Nord Electro 5 HP, Moog Sub 37, Moog Minitaur, Novation Peak, Roland TR 08, Roland TR 09, and Cubase 5 is my Daw.

What else are you working on right now?

Currently I am very busy organizing some showcases for my 2 labels, I am also working on a new album, a world-wide tour, but also on reopening my club in my city.

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