Cosmic Boys are a techno duo whose high velocity music is out of this world. Fast becoming genre leaders, the guys have charted No.1 on Beatport and collaborated with titans such as UMEK in addition to featuring on Richie Hawtin’s iconic label Minus.

Their record labels Legend and Scander are also a part of their music legacy. Not only have the imprints been outlets for the Cosmic Boys own tracks, but they have also been platforms that give exposure to fresh talent, featuring established influencers such as Reinier Zonneveld, Traumer, Dusty Kid, Alex Stein, The YellowHeads, Matt Sassari, Space 92, Felix Kröcher among others.

We caught up with the guys ahead of their new release which comes on Monika Kruse’s label Terminal M, with 3 cuts of dancefloor-destroying techno.


Hey guys! What’s good? Where are you in the world right now?

Hey! All good here, we are in Montpellier in south France, in the studio, finalizing a pack of new demos to test this weekend in Portugal where we are playing on the beach!

Congrats on the new EP, it’s a big one! What was the inspiration for it?

Many thanks, we are very happy about this EP and for what’s happening all around it. Feedbacks are huge, we really look forward for the release! We made those 3 tracks along the first lockdown in France, about a year ago. We wanted to touch diverse universes with 3 very different tracks. It was a very tough period for all of us so was important for us to keep the focus on production even if it was not possible to play our music every weekends.

How did you connect with Monika Kruse’s label?

Some years ago Monika was playing on a regular basis our track « The Blast » released on our label, Legend. Once she tag us on one of her stories on instagram & we started to discuss from that point, then we kept talking about the idea of maybe one day releasing something on her label & came the moment when we sent a full pack of demos and then the release incoming was born 🙂

When creating music do you have certain labels in mind or is that not something you think about?

Inspiration in the studio is coming on the moment. We are just creating without thinking that we’ll do music for this or this or this label, we focus on making music that we might play before all! We think that labels are looking at artists who have their own personal touch on music, so we make music, and then we think where to send or even, we release it on our own label so then we keep our freedom to release what we want when we want.

How do you guys work together in the studio? What are the key elements for collaboration?

First, we are always making music when we are together in the studio, to keep a good harmony in the making of the tracks. We are always starting with the Kick Bass, that we focus on until we get the groove that can be recognized in most of our productions. All around it then we are testing samples together and work on melodies & atmospheres at that moment. Most of this then is total improvisation according to our mood.

Have you been able to road test the new EP yet? What have the crowd reactions been like?

Yes, those tracks are done since almost a year now. We have tested the tracks in couple of events & festivals since last summer and there is one show that we won’t forget in particular which was the last 31st of October at Zenith in our hometown in Montpellier in front of 7500 peoples. We opened the set with « Don’t Loose Control » and the effect on the crowd was incredible!

How does it feel to be back to touring life? Is that something you missed throughout the pandemic?

It’s a huge melt of joy & happiness! We even manage now to appreciate the wait in airports and flights delays (joking!) No, that’s a great feeling to be able to finally back on road getting all together with the fans & play our music all across the world. What we really missed was that connection that is not possible thru socials, that real human connection you got when you meet fans, that club vibes & that moment you feel the crowd getting into the story you’re telling in your set, we really missed it.

What are some of your favourite labels and artists right now?

Actually we are playing a lot of tracks from Sam Wolfe, released on Umek’s 1605.

What do you make of the scene in France at the moment?

The scene in France is back quite strong. There are many events, festivals & open airs, also the scene is full of young & fresh talents.
Now that the Covid restrictions are lifted, vibe in events is really good, we feel peoples missed it so much & needed to party again!

What are the key elements for the perfect party in your eyes?

A nice venue, couple of friends, good sound, couple of drinks & a few beautiful ladies 🙂

Is there anything else coming up for you guys that you can tell us about? Big shows? New music?

We recently did a lot of changes in our team and things are really moving positively! We have a lot of super quality shows all across Europe & the world in the next few months, some huge tours to come also after summer in Australia, India, North & South America…
We are extremely excited to return to Canada this summer and play near Niagara Falls, also looking forward to some huge festivals like Nature One in Germany or Insane festival in France. Talking about music, we have a very huge EP to come in September on our label Legend, a strong collaboration with T78 with a bunch of solid remixers along, we are already playing that track in our sets and reactions from the crowd are insane, so watch out for September 😉

Finally, if you had to choose one record to close the last party ever, what would it be?

Probably it would be Maceo Plex – Solitary Daze


Purchase your copy of ‘Don’t Loose Control’ HERE