Hey Dale, how are you? Does it feel like everything is back to normal now after covid?

Hey! Yea I’m alright cheers. I don’t know really.. I guess it’s back to normal, in the sense that parties and events are back on, but I don’t feel how I did pre-pandemic. Can’t really explain it.


What did you learn about yourself or the industry during the pandemic?

It reaffirmed how important it is to appreciate the people in your life and all the little day to day things we take for granted.


Do you write music for certain labels, to suit their sound and style, or doesn’t it work like that?

It probably works like that for some artists, but it hardly ever works for me. I even had a label request to license one of my tracks, two years after they originally turned it down when I sent it to them as a demo. Mental.


How different are you in remix mode than when making originals?

I’m pretty similar to when I’m making originals really. As someone who’s had their own label – it’s a bit gutting to open up a remix from someone you’ve wanted on the label, only to find they’ve decided to go in a different direction to what they usually make.


What inspired your take on Jochem Hamerling’s Breezer?

The vocal was the thing that stood out to me the most, so I built a track around that. No idea what she is saying though, so I hope it makes sense to anyone who speaks Spanish (I don’t even know if it’s Spanish – it could be Portuguese). Soz if I’ve butchered it anyway.


Are there certain rules you have to stand by like how much to change, or how much is too much, for a remix?

It might sound strange, because it’s a remix, but I try to not let the track influence me too much. It’s a bit of a balancing act sometimes between building a track around a particular element, but also making sure that element or sound actually sits well in the style of track I’ve made. I never want to sacrifice my sound to accommodate parts of the remix (it’s usually the opposite if anything haha).


What gear do you use in the studio? Hardware, software? Does it matter?

A mix of both. No it doesn’t matter AT ALL.


What else have you got coming up?

I’m in Amsterdam and London this weekend and Amsterdam at the end of the month. I’ll have to take a little time off from touring after that – I’ve completely torn my pec tendon off my humerus, so I need surgery to reattach it.


Once upon a time you dreamed of being a pro-footballer, would you still take that career now if you could swap?

Haha no. I’ve got to see so many parts of the world and play so many amazing parties, that I wouldn’t swap that. I would have missed a lot of matches because I was still at an afterparty somewhere too. I probably would have been sacked by whatever club I was playing for.


What was the last record you bought and why?

Fabe & Baccus – Cannot Think Twice

Just a proper groovy little House tune, innit!


Grab your copy HERE