Interview: Danny Howard

Who is the dream artist you’d like to drop a release on Nothing Else Matters?
Someone who is undiscovered that we can grow from nothing to a superstar through producing amazing music. That… is the dream.

How does your work as a Radio 1 DJ differ to your work as a club DJ?
The Radio 1 show is very much reflective of what is going on commercially in club land from the more accessible sounds right down to the underground. I love how varied the show is and it’s an amazing feeling to get millions of people hyped for the weekend on a Saturday night. My job as a club DJ is a bit more specific to the fact I play strictly house where as on the radio I mix it up a little.

How do both these experiences feed into how you run your label?
Being involved in both enables me to have a clear perspective on what is required in both areas. Ideally, I want a club record that can also feed into radio but it’s getting increasingly harder to do that at the moment so I guess we have to be open minded and take every record for what it is… providing that of course (and as mentioned), we properly love it :D

What has been your favourite gig of the summer so far?
Probably Hideout Festival in Croatia. The crowd were really up for it and knew their music. I just went in pure house vibes, no compromise! I remember England had just drawn with Slovakia in the Euros and played terribly so I wanted to forget about it and just have a party… so party we did

What plans do you have in store for the next year?
Get more of my own music out! I’m in the studio now as I write this and it’s the area of my career that often gets over looked, mainly due to the time it takes to produce and I’ve never been good at it on the road. So 2017, keep an eye out for more tunes from me and of course, growing the label and the artists we work with.

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