Dec Duffy is a 21-year-old DJ/Producer from Cheshire in the UK.

Heavily inspired by UKG and 90s House, Dec uses elements from both sub-genres to create his trademark sound.

His music has previously been supported by the likes of Darius Syrossian, Micheal Bibi, Patrick Topping, Mason Collective, East End Dubs, and many more.

We sat down with Dec Duffy to talk about his new EP on Moxy Music, favorite tracks, inspiration, and more.

Hi Dec! Great to have you here with us? How are things with you right now? 

Hey guys, big thank you for having me on! For me right now everything has been crazy, I don’t even think it has fully hit me yet!

How has your 2023 been so far? What have been your highlights? 

A big highlight for me was going away to both Ibiza and Forbidden Forest back to back and being followed by my own music. It was a big realisation moment for me to be hearing my own music in person in another country just absolute craziness.

How did you come to release your new EP on Darius Syrossian’s Moxy Music?

I first met Darius a few years back at a showcase he was playing near to me. I built up confidence and went over to say hi and explained who I was, as the day before he had played one of my earlier releases in Printworks! We exchanged contact details and I went on to send him some tracks. He loved “Bebington Rd” and from there we built the 4 track EP!

How does it feel to release on such an esteemed house label?

Incredible! Moxy has been a big goal from the start and to hit it is amazing!

What would you say the scene in Manchester is like at the moment? Any highlight parties or artists on the scene we should know about?

I’m still pretty new to the Manchester scene but to me I would have to say Darius and his Moxy, the Mason Collective boys and their MVSON brand but… I am also a huge fan of UKG and anything Interplanetary Criminal touches is gold!

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music? Who are your idols?

For me it would have to be East End Dubs, BURNSKI and also Chris Stussy, between those 3 I get most of my inspiration!

What three tracks never leave your USB at the moment? 

Boris Dlugosch – Hold Your Head Up High (Julian Jonah’s bad boy mix)

Mene – Champagna

Silva Bumpa – Dreaming

What music do you listen to outside dance? 

I have a huge soft spot for MGMT… “Electric Feel” being my all time favourite.

What do you like to do to release outside of the booth and the studio? 

Motocross has been my sport of choice for a very long time. It’s a good way to break those lazy habits and get outside!

What can we expect from you in the upcoming months? What should we be excited for?

I’ve got multiple releases in talks at the moment but the next one confirmed is a fave of mine, my upcoming release on Lowsteppas label “Simma Black”.

Dec Duffy – G&T/VIPER EP is out now on Moxy Musik [GRAB IT HERE]

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