Running a label in 2018 is no mean feat. Aside from a vast increase in competition, the need to stick out from the pack and release consistently excellent music has arguably never been greater.

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Fortunately for Fabio Della Torre and his Bosconi crew, this has never been an issue. Indeed, staying ahead of the pack has been the label’s raison d’etre for some time, so it’s no surprise that they’ll celebrate 10 years at the top this year. And as is Bosconi’s forte, they’ll be blowing out the candles in some fashion, with Stallions part 2 and the recently released Bosconi Soundystem release, Unrequested States of Bliss, turning heads aplenty over the past while. With all this in mind, we decided to dial up Fabio recently, as he gave us the lowdown on the Bosconi Soundystem project, the Stallions project and much more besides…

“…started a label that could span different styles, like a proper DJ should always do…”

How did Bosconi Records & Bosconi Soundsystem begin? At what stage did you all decide to become a collective?
Bosconi started out because we needed our own platform to represent our own vision of electronic music. So we started a label that could span different styles, like a proper DJ should always do in my opinion. Bosconi Soundsystem was born from a similar DJ concept. We never really properly sat down and decided to do it, it was all pretty organic and we always played together anyway.

Who or what has been the sole biggest influence on Bosconi?
I think the biggest influence has been the Tuscan countryside and the inspiring environment where the label is based.

What motivates you with the label? And how has running a label changed since you first became involved?
I think the label has its own identity, despite the different music styles, and I believe it offered something that was missing in the Italian electronic scene back when. Motivating artists and seeing their careers evolve gives me the strength to continue.

But in terms of how it’s ran, I probably feel even more nowadays that personal relationships are one of the most important aspects to running a label. That and the music, of course.

How would you describe the chemistry in the studio between the three members of BSS? Who does what in the studio?
We recorded the album in Mass Prod’s Marmeria Studio in Genova. It was 6 hours of live takes and recordings, with no programming at all, so It was just a lot of fun with no rules, so anybody could play anything.

We used a Roland 909, 606, a Yamaha dx200, some Modules in eurorack, an Mpc1000,a korg m10, a sh 101 and some effects. Then I did some mixing and edited the best parts at Bosconi Studio in Firenze.

And DJing as a trio – was that unusual at the start? Is it hard to strike a balance when playing?
We know each other quite well, so it’s not really complicated to find the balance among us. So striking a balance isn’t really difficult.

Do you have a favourite Bosconi release or something you’re most proud of?
Well, I think the release I’m most proud of isn’t out yet, and I’m talking about the 10 years compilation that will arrive in March. I’m really proud of it because it really gives the vision of what we’ve been doing these past years. It’s a really mature piece of work too.

You mentioned the 10 years compilation – can you elaborate a bit on that one?
Yes, the forthcoming 10 years compilation of Bosconi records “Bosconi Stallions Vol2” , will be a 3×12” package with artwork designed by the famous italian cartellonist Silvano “Nano” Campeggi. It includes tracks from artists who have been very close to the label in the past years.

Do you have any big plans for 2018 for BSS as well as Bosconi Records?
We’re planning a tour that started in Tenax Florence that will bring us to Germany (Tresor) to the UK and to the USA. We’ll also end it with our own little festival, Bosconi festival in a wonderful, isolated farm in Tuscany. Of course, Bosconi Stallions Volume 2 compilation is also part of the plan, as well as the upcoming album from Bosconi Soundystem.

What advice would you give to any young aspiring producers/DJs?
Be true to yourself.

Have you made any new years resolutions?
Many – but they never work out!

Bosconi Soundsystem’s Unrequested States of Bliss is out now on Bosconi Records. Also watch out for Bosconi Stallions Volume 2, featuring music from the likes of Herva, Dukwa, Fabio Della Torre, Minimono, A Guy Called Gerald & more which drops March on Bosconi Records.

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