Few producers have turned out as many hits as German Brigante in recent times.

He is a real tune making machine who knows how to appeal to both DJs and dancers and Get Physical, Dirtybird, Monaberry, Saved and plenty more great outlets all put out his wares. He DJs all over the world and is actually a Spaniard, despite what many people think.

Here, we ask how it feels to be so charted, about the gear he uses in his studio to make his beats and about how remixes are different form originals. 

“My ideal Sunday is when I come back home and my family and friends prepare a barbecue.

You are one of the most charted artists on RA – how does that feel? Do you take that in mind when in the studio, and try and repeat the things that work?
It is an honor to appear on that list, I always had in mind while im in the studio and I try to do the right things to be one of the most charted artists!!

Do you get time to have a holiday or is summer too busy to take time off?
Very difficult at the moment, but I always try to have some days off to enjoy with my daughter.

Tell us about your new EP on 2020 Vision – how did you link with that label?
My track “Pasa Ome” been having a lot of support, my relationships with 20/20 Vision are very good and for sure I will love to release with them again next year.

Do you make music with labels in mind, or do you just do your thing then decide where it is going?
I prefer to make music first and then looking for the right label

Are remixes different than originals? Do you start in a different place with each?
Both are really different, with the remixes you always start with a basic idea that influence the full project at the moment to produce the track, with the originals you must create every sound right from the start and develop a full track!!

What gear have you got in the studio? Any favourite pieces that really define your sound?
I have a fairly large system with synthesizers and drum machines, my favorites are my Juno 106 and moog
sub 37

Can you write music on the road or need you be in a studio to do it properly?
Always in the studio 🙂

Do you get inspired or influenced by your gigs, do you channel them when you get back to making music,
or does your sound come from more inside you?

Both really, very often the inspiration comes while in the studio and I let the music flow and some others I come in the studio a little influenced by some tracks that I play in my gigs or reactions I’ve seen in the crowd!!

What else are you working on right now?
Right now I’m working on a new EP for next year and im very focus on my new label ‘MANITOX’ that will be ready in 2017!!

What is your ideal Sunday, an after party or a gathering with friends and family?
My ideal Sunday is when I come back home and my family and friends prepare a barbecue.

Upcoming German Brigante shows
Fri 09/9/2016 –Abode – Sankeys, Ibiza
Sat 10/9/2016 – Audio Rehab – Ministry of Sound, London
Fri 07/10/2016 – The Liquor Store – Portland, OR
Sat 08/10/2016 – Kremwork – Seattle, WA
Sun 09/10/2016 – Dirtybird Campout – Oak Canyon Park, Silverado, CA
Fri 28/10/2016 – Kulturarena – Kehrsatz, Switzerland

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