There are very few who can show the long-spanning career Hernan Cattaneo has cultivated throughout his 30 year span as an underground artist.

More than just a performer, Hernan has been a leader, taking the Argentinian House sound from a local collective to international prominence, and along with it exposing the world to some of the most now critically acclaimed sounds in Progressive, House, and Techno. His own imprint, Sudbeat, has released groundbreaking work from the biggest names in the business, from Danny Howells to Guy J, Nick Warren to Henry Saiz.

On 12 August Hernan Catteno brings his Sudbeat label for a very special showcase at London’s Ministry of Sound. Along for the ride will be Guy Mantzur, Khen and Lonya. Ahead of the event, we caught up witht he Argetine DJ hero to speak on London, Ministry, Lionel Messi, and more

“Clubbing in London, it’s always been at the center of the scene globally, and like New York, Tokyo or Berlin, a really exciting place to be at any moment of your life”.

On August 12 you will bring your Sudbeat label to showcase at London’s Ministry of Sound. What can you say about Ministry of Sound as a venue? How would you describe the vibe on a typical night there?
Ministry is one of the most important club institutions in the world, a revered place for DJs and clubbers, a Mecca for dance music. Having the chance to play there so many times along the years it’s a big privilege for me and for Sudbeat.

Our nights normally features DJs & Producers that release on the label and also others that we like or respect because they have common denominators with the music we push. We always like to give a push to up & coming DJs and of course I also headline the night along other big names.

On this night you will be playing alongside Guy Mantzur; what can you say on Guy Mantzur as a DJ? Why did you feel he was the right person to tour with this summer?
Guy is one of the most interesting producers coming from the Tel Aviv scene and I´m a big fan of his music. He did our first artist album on Sudbeat, and feature many other times with top quality stuff. He is also one hot DJ in the circuit and a very good friend so it’s a pleasure to have him on the night.

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What about London in general, if asked to describe one particular gig in the city, what would you say?
Thats a difficult question, you can never choose one. I used to live in London 2001/2005 playing for The Gallery many many times. Clubbing in London, it’s always been at the center of the scene globally, and like New York, Tokyo or Berlin, a really exciting place to be at any moment of your life.

Going back to your label Sudbeat, now that it’s nearly a decade in existence, how have you found your approach to A&R? Do you still have the same drive to discover new music that you did when you started?
You know, DJs always do A&R work. You are always checking new stuff, and that can be for your sets, the podcast, the charts, and, (in this case) the label. I spent 4/5 hrs every day working with music and trying to find the special stuff. We also have Graziano Raffa that works along on every aspect as well.

What do you have coming up on Sudbeat?
We have some new amazing stuff coming out from guys like Tone Depth, Mariano Mellino, Jos & Eli and then the special release Sudbeat 100 that will be revealed in the next months