Hito is a Japanese born, Berlin based electronic music artist and vinyl DJ with a style and aesthetic all her own. Full of colour and character, Hito is known for her sophisticated record collection, deep techno style, and incredible ability to entertain crowds with the right balance of charm and energy.

After moving to the German capital in 1999, Hito connected with Richie Hawtin and became an integral part of his ENTER. experience at Space Ibiza from 2012, taking full ownership of the ENTER.Sake Bar on the Space terrace, sometimes playing all night to an incredulous response. The ENTER.Sake Bar was modelled after a traditional Japanese Sake Bar with Hito’s performances adding huge authenticity to the concept, performing in formal dress exhibiting her stunning range of kimonos.

On 26 August, Hito brings Enter.Sake to London for a special Night Tales engagement alongside LY.RA. The event will be a special night of music and sake tasting as only Hito and Enter, Sake can do. Anticipating this event, I managed to catch up with Hito to discuss her summer, Berlin, sake, Richie, and much more.

“My theme of this year is GO”

Being born and raised in Japan, yet now living in Berlin, how did you originally find the cultural change? When you first moved to Berlin, how much support did you have?
I was often abroad as a teenager which gave me the ambition to live and travel the world. Berlin accepted me, it wasn’t my decision I guess, I just love Berlin, the city helped me a lot. People in Berlin are very open minded, I found friends through similarities. I still feel that I am really lucky to know this city.

Culturally, what would you say are the main differences between Japanese and German?
Indirect vs. direct.

How were you first introduced to electronic music while growing up in Japan? What was it that originally drew you in to its sound and aesthetic? Who were some of your earliest influences?
I lived in London and during that period of my life, I got to know electronic music. I am a big fan of hip hop too. 

Why do you choose to play vinyl only?
I like the the physical feeling of vinyl. I feel I send you a direct contact through music. 

Obviously, your association with Richie Hawtin’s ENTER brand has been quite instrumental in your own career. I’m curious to get your impressions of the event and concept? How would you say you and ENTER complement each other? 
First contact was about “Sake”, not about music, then I join the Sake tour and we start “ENTER.Sake” in 2012 in Ibiza. Since then we all try to bring “Sake” through “music” with our passion.

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