JackLNDN is one part classical technician and two parts main room club surgeon.  He’s simultaneously a mixture of centuries of European musical heritage and a sneak preview of the future.

As a producer and DJ, he has quickly established himself as a character whose work is quickly drawing attention for its freshness and whose potential is seemingly endless.  In his time on earth, LNDN has spent more time performing and playing music than most do in a lifetime.

On the production side, he started gleaning tips from friend Harry Wolfman and combined that with his knowledge of Logic and other bits of his training. Ever since, he has been slaving away in the studio, developing a variety of his unique strains of dance music. The linchpin of the sound has always been house, but filtered through an ever-evolving set of lenses: progressive, pop, jazz, and beyond.

Young JackLNDN is now poised to move large congregations himself. His remix and original production slate is stacked, in addition to his weekly DJ slots. This classical-turned-dance prodigy has got the musical chops and attention to detail so often lacking in dance music.

With his well received Ultra Records debut ‘All I See’ now available, and sets spanning Lollapalooza to Electric Zoo, we thought it was high time to catch up with JackLDN to see some of his summer highlights, musical influences, how he handles the high praise, and more.

“It’s cool to see so many passionate and happy people working in and around the music industry, it’s something that rubs off on you everywhere you go.”

First off, how has your summer been? It looks like you are quite busy these days…has this been the busiest summer for you yet? What were some highlights?
Theres been a lot of touring yes! Getting to play a tonne of festivals is definitely the best feeling in the world. Electric Forest was an incredible experience, as was Lollapalooza, Shamabhala… theres too many to list!

I have met some great and incredible people along the way too. It’s cool to see so many passionate and happy people working in and around the music industry, it’s something that rubs off on you everywhere you go. This summer I also released my first single with Ultra which feels like a step in the right direction

What are you still looking forward to this year? I see you will be in NYC for Electric Zoo. Have you played NYC before? If so, what were your impressions? What have you heard about EZoo?
NYC is a great city, and I’ve been lucky enough to play it twice before at the Brooklyn Bowl and before that at Slake. Both were really fun but EZoo is something much bigger, the setting and production is tailored to the electronic sound so It makes for a fun time I have no doubt!

Your music has been a favourite of on the web for the past few months, with Insomniac even calling you “The New Face of House Music”. How do you react when you hear such praise?
I’m always flattered when people say something nice about what I’m doing. I try to read everything people write, it’s something that spurs me on to keep creating cool music. The next step of course is to deliver on the hype.

You have a background in classical music. Can you describe the specific nature of this? What instruments? When did you start? How did classical music give you an advantage to electronic music?
I started pretty young. Say 7 or 8 probably. I spent a large portion of my life singing in vocal groups and choirs. The schedule we kept to and the amount of music and rehearsing that was crammed into every single week was kind of mind-blowing when I look back at it. At the same time I was learning a handful of instruments alongside music theory to keep the journey as well rounded as possible. My main instrument has always and will always be my voice, but I also got the chance to learn piano, guitar, cello alongside the vocal training. I would hesitate before claiming the whole thing gave me an advantage in electronic music, in fact when I first started out producing I found that all my music was way too complex. I was attempting to put everything I knew into every single song. After much time and practise and many terrible tracks later, I found the right balance of musical ideas vs production and sound design. However, I can’t deny that knowing my way round a keyboard & a guitar definitely help when it comes to writing the songs and getting the harmonies on point.

You have a new track on Ultra Records “All I See”. What was the first aspect of this track that came to you? Was it the sample, piano, bassline…?
I think it was a mixture of the vocal and chords at the same time. Usually I start with chords and then build around it, but with this track, I was singing while trying out chords and ended up laying down the vocal before anything else. It was the first time I’ve built a track that way, but it was serious fun nonetheless.

How did you find the experience working with Ultra Records? Did you find the environment there to be collaborative between label and artist?
Ultra are great and believe strongly in my sound, the guys over there trust what I’m doing and tend not to get over involved on the creative side, which I like a lot. The vibe is relaxed, meaning I have creative freedom to explore my own sound and the sounds of the future.

Name 3 tracks (electronic or otherwise) that have shaped your sound to this point?
Daft Punk – Get Lucky: I was so in love with this song when it came out, and I still am. It kind of kick started the modern disco revolution into the mainstream. When I jumped on the remix, it was my first attempt at making that slower more groovy variation of house. It defiantly paved the way for the sound I have today.

Second track would be Earth Wind and Fire – ‘Lets ‘: Just… because its one of the greatest tunes ever made.

3rd would have to be Pendulum – ‘Slam’: I remember hearing it for the first time long before I got into electronic music and production, and I was blown away by the level of energy it was able to build and maintain throughout the song. I also couldn’t get my head round how hard the drums hit and how huge the bass was (this was my first taste of Dnb so it was doubly awesome). Up until that point I was listening to bands… then everything changed haha!

JackLNDN – ‘All I See’ is OUT NOW on Ultra Music


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