Since 2009, Javier Carballo’s career has continued do develop through a series of excellent releases and remixes and in 2014 launched his own label Overall Music, a vinyl only imprint for DJs, collectors and electronic music connoisseurs.

Ahead of his performance at Mick’s Garage in Hackney Wick for Apt:1 which will take start at 7pm on 30th March, we sat down with Javier to discuss his homeland Gran Canaria, his new home London and his life as a DJ and Overall Music Label owner.

“…educating people is always a goal of a good DJ”

How are you, how has the year been so far?
I’m fine thank you, in Miami at the moment just finished a 5 days American tour. The year it’s been amazing personal and professionally. I’m in a really good moment.

How much underground music is there on your native Gran Canaria? Did you get to party there or did you fall in love with dance music somewhere else?
Gran Canaria have a great underground music background since the 90´s, a lot fo english djs lived in the island and started a rave movement that is still alive.

Do you think being for that island lends your music a certain unique quality or sound? Did the weather and climate influence you?
Yes, of course my music has been influenced by the island. It’s a really warm place with many peculiarities. The people has a special love for dance and party, different vibes. This kind of things give to my music some special elements .

Now you are based in London, why did you move there? What was the allure?
I moved to UK a year ago, first to Brighton and 8 months later to London. Obviously, it is completely different from my hometown but a city as London can offer me such an amazing opportunities and makes me be closer to the global scene.

Adapting hasn’t been difficult at all. I’m from the Canary Islands and we have a strong connection with the UK, as a popular tourist destination for British people.

How has it improved your sound or your career, being in London/Berlin?
I think both have got a notorious contribution for my sound evolution, I grow up listening music from london and Uk , then a few years later started to listen more Berlin sounds. It has been nice and useful for me to feel in first person the scene and meet people who can inspire me.

About your label – what sort of music do you release, what certain sound does someone have to have to be released on the label?
Well, in Overall Music we like release House and Techno (minimal, Dub, Micro) focussed in the club and the DJ. We love analog elements and atemporal sounds . Underyourseat label is more techno, dub, atmosferic and electronics sounds.

It’s vinyl only right? Why does vinyl matter to you so much?
Overall Music is Vinyl & Digital and Underyourseat Vinyl Only, I started to play with Vinyl when was a young with 13 years old, I have a great collection and love the format for this reason my labels are in vinyl.

What is your role as a DJ? To educate, amaze, edify or what?
I think educating people is always a goal of a good DJ. I try that people comes to listen new sounds without prejudgements and just enjoying the trip. Making of this an experience.

You play Apt: I – The 1st Birthday soon – what should people expect?
Im very excited with this gig. It’s my first time in Micks Garage and first time also with Apt. I’m sure will be a really great nigh alongside my partner and friend Hanfry Martinez. You can expect House, Techno and the last music released.

How do you like playing London vs other cities, what makes the parties different, if anything?
I love playing in London, has always been one of my fav cities. Uk has suck and amazing electronic music culture and you can see this in the dance floor. I feel free and comfortable playing here.

What else have you got moving up/are you working on?
Right now I’m playing a lot around Europe, Usa and South America and dont have so much time for the studio. Anyways last months I left ready 10 tracks, some of them with my alias “TERMS”

Javier plays Apt: 1 first birthday this weekend at Mick’s Garage. Tickets and information available here

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