Hey Julian, how was 2022 been for you?

It was definitely an exciting year, especially with my family and my son, I was able to spend a lot of time. Even though it wasn’t always easy, I still had the opportunity to do some releases and gigs. I am definitely really satisfied.

What new sounds or scenes did you enjoy or discover?

I was able to immerse myself in a new scene this year. At the beginning, I couldn’t really get into the sound. In the meantime, I have a lot of catchy tunes and start in the morning in a good mood. I was allowed to dive into the world of children’s songs :).

How did your own music and taste evolve?

I put a lot of time into my mixing and mastering skills. I also invested in some analogue studio hardware and was able to reach new heights on a sonic level. Stylistically, it has always been important for me to create a wide range of sounds and not be stuck in one genre.

You have a rich melodic sound – why is melody so important?

For me, melodies are the carriers for all emotions. No matter what genre I produce, I often start with a melody and then build the foundation, the beat.

Are your formally trained or did you just learn how to play melodies yourself?

I taught myself everything and am always learning more every day in the studio. Sometimes I get help and use tools for chords or arpeggios as a first idea. I find it exciting to play and modulate live on the synthesizer and then record it.

How did you come to work with Modeplex for the new EP?

I’m a big fan of collabs. When you throw both styles and ideas together, you always achieve new sounds. In this case, we texted each other on Instagram and then talked on the phone and worked out a plan together. We both presented 2 ideas to each other and in the end we finalised 3 tracks. 

How different are you working solo vs collaborating?

Of course, everyone has their own workflow and so it is usually a longer process with collaborations. Of course, both sides always have to be happy. The approach of your studio partner also varies. When I produce alone, I always try to implement the 3-day studio rule to get good results faster. So I try to finish a song in 3 days in the studio. In recent years, I have often found that you shouldn’t sit on a production for too long.

What is your signature sound? What defines your music?

That’s a difficult question for me, because I always try to create a new sound. I actually always use a new kick and beat elements. The bass figures are also usually different. Many of my friends think that my signature is always the melody.

What else have you got coming up?

My next release is a solo 4 track EP “My Side” on Balance Music on 20 January. I’ve been playing the tracks on and off over the last few months and am really looking forward to the release.

What do you hope to achieve in 2023?

On a production level, I hope that one or two goals for a dream label will come true. 

I also hope for many new and unforgettable shows! 

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Julian & Modeplex’s collaboration “Mondo” EP is out now on Rennaisance Records