London based Kalyde is a house and techno producer/DJ who has risen through the ranks at a remarkable pace, quickly making a mark on the scene with his engaging mixes and instantly recognizable sonic direction.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the scene, Kalyde AKA Rich Main signed his first deal in 2015. Since then he had a stream of successful releases on some of electronic music’s most sought after imprints; including MadTech, Elrow, AVOTRE and Roush. He has also remixed industry heavyweights like Sidney Charles, Fatboy Slim and Flashmob, all whilst garnering unanimous praise for his distinctive style and productions skills. Outside of the studio, Kalyde has had widespread success with a succession of mixes on benchmark radio stations Rinse FM and BBC Radio 1, the latter providing continued radio airtime for his latest releases, including more than a few spins and ongoing support from tastemaker Annie Mac & Pete Tong, as well as DJ support from Loco Dice, Laurent Garnier and Eats Everything.

He has a new release out on Sense Traxx entitled ‘No Sleep’ EP, and another on MadTech 20th October 2017. Kalyde plays Halloween Festival Freakshow at The Steelyard on 27th October for London’s ByDay ByNight. Here, we have an in depth chat with him about what he’s been up to, some studio secrets and what the future holds.

“…my workflow seems to be more consistent in the winter.”

How are you? What good, whats bad about 2017 so far?
Very well thanks.

The best thing about 2017 is that I have met more people this year that I have in the previous 3 years put together. I’ve also had more freedom, flexibility and confidence in my London studio which has lead to me writing more original material.

The worst things are, well I don’t like to fixate on the negative aspects of life!

Now summer is over do you find yourself in the studio more, as there are less distractions?
Absolutely 100% yes. I still seem to work just as much in the summer but my workflow seems to be more consistent in the winter. I think its because i feel better about being in a room with no windows when its dark and cold outside, with a tea and chicken soup by my side.

Do you make different music in summer vs winter? Does the weather affect your musical mood?
For sure. I seem to make more groovy rollers in the summer time, where as in the winter i make deeper, darker moodier Techno tracks. But as the workflow prospers more in the winter so the latter prevails.

Tell us about your new music coming on Sense Traxx – what does it sound like/? What inspired it?
The new release on Sense Traxx is probably the most rounded package I’ve released to date. Both originals where inspired around acid lines and spoken word vocal hooks, but the outcome was that each track had a completely different feel.

The A side ‘No Sleep’ has more dramatic builds, pushes and breakdowns and also has a rolling groove. Its more of a peak time track, so much so that I also made a ‘heads down’ ‘Dub Edit’ which Hector Couto signed to his Roush label earlier this summer.

The B side utilises the acid line and vocal hook in a more stripped back manor which is more typical to the ‘Kalyde sound’. Straight up flanged and phased hats with flamed percussion, creating a more Techno feel.

The key to rounding off the release was to get the right remixers to remix the right tracks in order to take each production to another level. Tommy Vercetti takes the ridged ‘Eighty Nine’ to a swung deep house track while Kincaid and Sinal takes it to a slower, deeper techno domain. While David Jackson turns ‘No Sleep’ from Tech House to Techno.

You also play for ByDay ByNight guys soon – what should people expect from you at the Steelyard – what sounds you feeling right now?
I’m really looking forward to this event. I’ll be closing the main room so I imagine the upfront and melodic techno tracks will be tested. Artist’s like Comuno, Sentre, Kincaid & Sinal i’m all feeling at the moment.

What is your DJ style, how heavy on the EQ are you, what are your mixes like, do you play for the crowd or yourself?
I would like to think I’m quite a fluid DJ. I like to let the tracks play but i also appreciate a good transitional mix in key. I don’t go wild on the EQ and I’m quite reluctant to use too many effects. I’m not wild on DJ’s tapping the pads on a CDJ or mixer mimicking an over excited finger drummer!

My intention going into every show is to play a set that is true to me and my style, and they normally do go this way, but of course sometimes along the way I will alter the path of the set to cater the crowd.

Do you make tunes that fit into your own sets – are they related like that?
I would say 90% of the tracks i make will have potential to fit into my sets. I always find it a bit of a mismatch when Dj’s play sets but never include their own productions, even if the set is banging.

Whats it like to get support from names like Steve Lawler and Joseph Capriati? Does it add pressure next time you go in the studio? Or is that the sort of thing that gives you confidence you are doing things right?
Its really rewarding to see my tracks getting support from these artists and even better when I get sent videos of them playing them out. All that it does is give me confidence in writing new music in my style.

What’s on your rider? Do you think it’s fair to ask for certain things to make you feel comfortable?
Beer and Tequila is my poison of choice but sometimes a punchy mixer goes down well too. Personally i don’t think anything more than food and drink should be on a rider, otherwise it gets a bit self indulgent.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on or looking forward to?
I’ve been working on a few collabs over the summer which i’m looking forward to share next year. I’ve also got another EP out before the end of 2017 on Kerry Charlder’s MadTech Records as well as a couple of remix’s. I’m also finishing off a Techno sample pack for Samplestate which will let producers use some of my sounds in their productions.

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