Italian artist Lehar is behind the latest Picture series on Diynamic. It is an opportunity for artists to show off the full breadth and depth of their sound and he does just that across six sizzling cuts. With an organic deep house sound Lehar has released on labels like Connaisseur Recordings, My Favourite Robot and 2DIY4 as well as being a Dynamic regular.

Here we speak to the spontaneous DJ and passionate music lover about his new release, his relationship with Solomon and about his studio process.

“I am free.”

How are you, how has summer been?
All good, thanks a lot! Summer has been great so far, lots of new gigs in new countries which gave me beautiful and positive feelings.

Do you make music with a certain sound in your mind that suits the label? What is that sound?
Not at all, I make music I feel to make in a specific moment of my life.

Have you got any feedback from the label, or Solomun, on your music? Or do they let you do what you want?
I feel I can do whatever I want, this is very important for my creativity and career. I am free.

How long has it taken you to find your won sound, and what is that sound?
My own sound is changing, but even if is changing you can always feel something similar between the productions.

What gear do you have in the studio? Is that important? You hardware or software man?
What is important is the idea!!! I am rebuilding the studio at the moment and changing almost all the gears but not the mixer which remains the same old AKAI 😉

Tell us about your new Picture please – where and when was it written, what was the aim?
I was working on new music last spring and feeling very inspired after the first all through the night tour, once back and in studio I was doing a track a day more or less, and after 2 weeks I had about 8 demos to show. Solomun listened to the tracks after a bit and got back to me with this lovely idea of releasing a new series of a mini dancefloor LP.

How much do DJing and producing relate to one another? Do you make sounds for your own sets?
I always try to play fresh music from the studio of myself and my team mixed with some very rare records I like to discover 😉

Are you looking forward to ADE and what are your plans?
I will stay in Amsterdam from Thursday to Saturday, Amsterdam is one of my fav cities in Europe and ADE is the perfect chance to meet all my friends from all over the world.

I m so much looking forward to this Diynamic showcase because this will be my first party with Diynamic even if I’m linked to the label since almost 2 years.

What else you got coming up/are you working on?
Working on the second year of the “All through the night tour” which will take place in February and March 2018. And also I have so many new projects with Musumeci for 2018 😉

Tell us something no one will know about you?
I can navigate and steer a boat 😉

Lehar releases his new 6 track EP as part of Diynamic’s new ‘Picture’ Series BUY


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