Magdalena’s heart opened towards electronic music when she was just 15 years old, when her older brother snuck her into a club for the very first time. Having grown up with the musical influences of her native rural Yugoslavia as a child and later, as a teen, metropolitan Hamburg, the field of electronic music was an exciting discovery for her.

Having begun by playing high profile clubs for Diynamic and her good friend Anja Schneider’s Mobilee parties – Magdalena started to play at some of the most recognised underground institutions around the globe.

She has joined us in a conversation about her life in the last few months and an upcoming feature at Ocaso Festival’s 5th anniversary in January.


Tell us how you have been getting on these past few months, what’s new with Magdalena?


Hey there, overall I’m doing good. I actually played quite a few gigs in the last few months and before that had some quiet me time, some family time and some studio time. I’m working on new music and in the background we are working on cool projects, which are linked to my SHADOWS events.


Specifically, what has it been like to get back into the booth partying and DJing again after the pandemic?


It felt a bit like finally having a destiny again. I really liked the time off, but after awhile you feel kinda useless. I now got back this feeling of excitement before every weekend and really have a purpose again to get up every morning and to give the best I can for my music.


Very recently you performed at Warung’s reopening, the first show there in approximately two years, correct?! What was the vibe like and what standout tracks did you play?


Warung already is a very special place in terms of the vibe and the location. I played there a few times before and every time stayed engraved in my memory because of the amazing time we’ve had there. Same goes for this gig, where the vibe was just perfect and you could really feel how hungry for party the people were. I played for 5 hours and actually don’t really have a standout track to be honest. I took a lot of time to curate my set and personally loved every single one. I think the crowd did so as well.


To kick start the new year, you will be appearing at Ocaso Festival in Costa Rica, their 5th edition. What are your expectations of the show?


Also before the pandemic I already played at Ocaso Festival once. Back then hosting my own SHADOWS area on the Sunday of the festival. This time we decided to just play a regular deejay gig there, but my expectations are nothing less than the great success we’ve had there two years ago. Can’t wait to be back in Costa Rica!


Do you feel a weight of responsibility as a female in the dance music industry?


Overall the whole topic about female artists in the dance industry is discussed a lot and I’m very happy about this development. Personally I actually don’t really feel a responsibility for female artists when playing, but I am aware that I am in a position to further strengthen the balance between the genders in our scene. For my SHADOWS events I try to put a bit more focus on female artists and we’re working on another project which I can tell you more about soon and with the project we will also put a stronger focus on up and coming female artists.


Is representation important, do you think, so young people of all backgrounds, ages, races, colours, sexualities and religions can see themselves on stage and aspire to be the same?


I think we should worry a bit less about cultural backgrounds and trying to force everything to be equal. If we just focus on the music, equality will happen naturally. Having said this doesn’t mean that we should completely forget about gender or cultural equality, but rather let the music speak and all be one. This is how it’s meant to be anyways.


If you could share with us one track that can be used to save the dancefloor, what would it be and why?


I like to see my sets as a whole and prefer not to pick out individual ‘bombs’, as some people call these tracks. Overall I try to play as many underground and unreleased tracks as possible in my sets and not have the occasional ‘hits’ in there. Therefore I can’t give you a straight answer to this. Every crowd is different and for every dancefloor there is a different kind of track to save it.


Where in the world would you like to perform that you have not yet had the chance to?


I love the arctic with it’s beautiful scenery and the very minimalistic approach to living there. My dream is to travel there one day and then it would be great to also play a small set there, why not?!


As we approach 2022, what goals and projects do you have in mind?


We’re now in the planning for our SHADOWS Ibiza events, which will be great! Next to that we want to travel across the globe with our SHADOWS events again and as I’ve already mentioned a bit before, we are working on an exciting project that has to do with SHADOWS. I’ll be able to tell you more about this very soon.