Hailing from London and Hannover, we sit down with former Drum&Bass producers who now go by the name of ‘Maximono’.

Making the switch from Drum&Bass the duo have already made a splash in the house scene, having released on labels such as This Ain’t Bristol, CUFF, Confession and now Dirtybird. We sit down with them to find out how they met, their production process and what they have lined up for us in 2017…

“It’s about making the most of those times. Hanging out and catching up but also being super productive.”

So for anyone who doesn’t know who you guys are, please introduce yourself and explain what it is you do?
Yes we are Nick and Sebi and together we form ‘Maximono’, a project we started a few years ago. We write tunes, DJ and generally do loads of music related stuff. We have both been into music and producing for many years and were friends long before we started writing beats. I’m (Nick) from London and Sebi lives out in Hannover in Germany.

How did you two meet, and what made you both get into music production and DJing?
We met around 2007 when we were involved in the drum n bass scene. Sebi was booked to play a night in Bristol which is where I lived back then so I think that’s the first time we were introduced. Then I released some stuff on his label and we were hanging out more so I guess we just started a friendship. We used to tour together doing drum and bass shows around Germany and having crazy times. We just somehow managed to link up over the years and stay in touch.

What made you guys make the switch from producing Drum&Bass to producing house?
I think around 2014 we toyed with the idea of starting a project. Sebi was already doing more of the house stuff and djing a bit, he was enjoying just doing something different. I always wanted to produce other stuff than dnb, I was getting bored of trying to do drum and bass all the time, and I always felt comfortable writing at different tempos. We then got in the studio and got serious maybe a year later. We wrote loads of crap but it was all part of that early stage of having fun and hanging out. Gradually we started to get a sound going we could be proud of.

Your next release was out on Dirtybird Select on May 12th, how did you guys managed to secure this release?
In the way anyone else would! We just sent some tracks to Claude that we had been sitting on for a while. We knew they would be up his street and obviously having released on DB before, we knew he was looking out for our music. He’s a very direct guy – speaks his mind, we really respect that. He got back to us having tested them out and was really positive about them….so yeh…the rest is history…

Tell us about how you go about making a track together, is every process 50/50 or do each of you specialise in certain areas in the studio?
One of us will come up with an idea, a hook or something strong, then play around with that. But we always work on stuff when we’re together, we just feel that’s the best way to get a vibe going. We are both super busy with our own lives so we get maybe 2-3 opportunities a year to actually write together, so we need to make sure we are inspired and loaded with ideas. It’s about making the most of those times. Hanging out and catching up but also being super productive.

Regardless of genre, is there any artists/producers you see as your main musical influences?
As a musician myself I always loved Prince. In my opinion one of the greatest guitarists but also general musicians combined with songwriting genius. Whenever I listen to his music I always wonder how that guy worked in the studio, what an amazing mind, a true creative in the rawest sense.

There are some pretty spectacular places to DJ in this world, what would be the most exciting place to play out for you two?
We love coming to the States to tour and play the club shows, we had a real blast on the stages at EDC Vegas last year and were received really well so looking forward to returning this year. Our residency at This Aint Bristol, in Sebi’s home town, is always a special night, those guys know how to throw a party. South America is also really incredible and we were blessed to tour there last year. There is so much more we need to experience, but we will just take it how it comes. Spread the music and good vibes.

Besides the music, what do you guys get up to in your spare time?
Sebi runs an IT company so that keeps him super busy back home. It’s a full time job so balancing the MM stuff outside of that keeps him up til the early hours every night. I work on music full time, writing commercial music, producing, and composing for video games and trailers. As well as that we both have other artist projects, I’m also part of drum n bass act ‘Loadstar’ and Sebi also writes incredibly cool deep music under the name ‘Triad’. So yeh we’re super stacked all the time. But it’s always better to be too busy than not busy enough right?!

Lastly, I’m sure this year is going to continue to be a busy one for you two, what’s next for you after your release on Dirtbybird Select?
We’ve got a track on a forthcoming This Aint Bristol compilation called ‘Waka’ and further down the line a whole load of other things to look out for. Our ‘Non Sense’ Tour starts in June and we are playing a bunch of shows in North America. Stay tuned….

Maximono’s ’Non Sense’ is out now on Dirtybird SelectBUY

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