Greece is a country that turns out a high quality brand of DJ, and proof of that comes in the form of Mihalis Safras.

A famously devoted vinyl purist, he runs his own label Material, which is a hotbed of taste making house and techno treats, is a DJ who joins the dots between disparate sounds and styles and scenes with ease and a producer with very real chops. When this man relate a tune, the world listened, and as such he was ranked as the most charted tech house artists of 2015 on Traxscource and Resident Advisor.

Before now he has put out his music on labels like Saved, Toolroom and Get Physical among many others and has lots more to come in the near future on the likes of Hot Since 82’s label Knee Deep in Sound. Here we catch up with this global player for more on his approach to music, future releases and the identity of his label.

“I think that when world will end then our real dreams will be unveiled”

How has 2015 been for you now you look back, what was good, what was bad?
I think 2015 was massive. Being named from my fav. Traxsource as n.1 techouse artist for 2015 was insane. Also in 2015 I became a daddy so that overrules every single bad moment if any! Plus in 2015 I ate the best ribeye steak in Ibiza. Massive! 🙂

How has your DJ style evolved since you broke thru, are you still learning every time you play a set?
Im still a proud vinyl only Dj so I cant evolve that much. 3 turntables and a Pioneer rmx500do the bizniz for me.

What is your role as the DJ – to entertain or educate or amaze or what?
As Carl Cox said these days a DJ is an entertainer, Designer, Promoter etc etc. I try to be more simple and be just the term: Disc Vinyl Jockey that must spins new music and make clubber dance. Pretty simple right?

Are you a hardware or software guy? Which do you prefer and why?
Production-wise I work with Ableton and plenty of VST are ruling my DAW. But always some Novation love is added and I think the combination of both delivers the sh*t.

Have you got any key bits of gear in the studio that really define your sound?
Bass Station2 and Roland XP80.

Can or should house music have a social or political conscious? Should it have a message?
House music is a political attitude if we get deep into that. It is and it should be combined with deeper meanings of freedom and happiness. As we say it is about One Love.

Whats an average week in your life like? Do you have set studio hours and set routines?
Set routines? Not in my world, I can stay up all night to produce a tune and I can easily go to studio at midnight just to add a hihat in a track. That is why real producers need a bed in teh studio:)

What hopes and dreams have you for 2016?
I think that when world will end then our real dreams will be unveiled and see the real life. Yes you guessed that right.. I read the Bible haha!

What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?
I am really excited for my next releases on Nic Fanciulli’s Saved label and my EP on Circus. Plus in 2016 my next album will be out on my label Material.

What’s next, where do you go from this interview?
Im hungry babyyyy.. A Greek souvlaki will do it!

Mihalis Safras New Ep out on Saved is out on November 28th

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