A Parisian club kid in the early 2000s, Djebali has grown into one of the most accomplished house producers from the city’s new generation of talent.

Driven by his own self-titled imprint ( djebali ) in 2011 and several sub-labels in the last few years, together with gigs at high-profile clubs around the globe and a back catalogue full of classic house grooves of the highest order. He is one of Paris’ shining stars.

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For 2016 ( djebali ) goes digital for the very first time with edits of tracks from the label’s back catalogue and previously unreleased tracks on the horizon. The new venture will allow fans to purchase special digital versions of his work, opening him up to a whole new audience of music lovers. Though he is keen to assert that vinyl is still where his heart lies, and will always be the priority.

If that weren’t enough Djebali is also making time to work on his first major long-player project… A full Djebali album has been earmarked for release in Winter 2016 but, in the meantime, check out this exclusive mix Djebali has provided us, as well as a bit about the new digital ( djebali ) sub label, the latest ‘Ideal Juice’ compilation, Parisian nightlife from Djebali himself.

“This is a proper deep house mix, it’s a bit hypnotic at the end with plenty of groove throughout.”

You’ve recently announced a new label, (djebali) digi, which will act as a sub label to (djebali). Can you explain, musically, what the difference between the two platforms is? For readers who may not know, how do you define the difference between launching a sub label and launching a new label altogether? Meaning, how exactly would you define “sub label”?
I like to call it a sub-division more than a sub-label. Musically, there’s not a big difference, it was more a case of defining the different projects I manage. My main outlet is ( djebali ), a vinyl-only label to release only my stuff… I feel very fortunate that everything went well with ( djebali ) and it became a success so I decided to develop it by creating a sub division called ( djebali ) reworks to release all the remixes of my work, by the way the current Djebali reworks O4 is out now & gathers Tuccillo & Mandar. Then came ( djebali ) presents to push newcomers or new projects as per example MrKs, Two Diggers, Rhythm&Soul.

Finally ( djebali ) digi is just to let the people know this is the digital part of the label. It’s gonna be comprised shorter edits of my previous tracks or unreleased stuff straight from my vaults…

The label will be inaugurated with a 10-track compilation: “Ideal Juice”. What can you tell us about the compilation?
It’s like a summary of the work I’ve put out on my label since I created it in 2011. There are 10 tracks, all from the previous EP I’ve released on ( djebali ), but edited especially for the digital format. I put the compilation together so it flows like a story. You will find my better known dancefloor tracks as well as some deeper jams. I tried to put them all together so that you can listen to the whole compilation from start to finish and it makes sense… It’s gonna be out via digital download but also on CD – that way you can just put it in any cars and drive away…

“Ideal Juice” is also the name of your Rex Club residency. How did you get involved with Rex Club? What does Rex Club mean to the landscape of Parisian nightlife?
I started playing at Rex Club in 2008 for a Freak N Chic party run by Dan Ghenacia… since then, I’ve played quite a few times, starting the nights for different parties. Now since 2014, I have the honour of holding my own night Ideal Juice and I feel really lucky. Rex Club is a legendary venue, representing underground culture for 26 years now. And with one of the best sound system in town, a wonderful team working in here and a energetic crowd… what more do you need? Rex Club is the one.

How do you curate your lineups for “Ideal Juice” the event? What makes “Ideal Juice” its own entity?
I bring in DJs and live acts I love, and I also people I work with. For example last one was Cab Drivers Live who did a remix for my label but also Enzo Siragusa, a talented DJ from London, who runs the infamous Fuse parties. I also try to mix “newcomers” with establish DJs when I can. It brings something special. The next one in Rex Club is gonna feature Tuccillo and The Mole. Ideal Juice is basically my representation of my ideal party, focused on the music quality… and I am happy to see the people in Paris and beyond following the party like they do. It makes me very happy.

Speaking of Parisian nightlife, how do you find the city stacks up against such nightlife centers as London or Berlin? What does Paris still need to bring it into that conversation? What aspects of its nightlife scene make it distinctly Parisian?
To be honest I think Paris has no problem being placed side by side with big cities such as London and Berlin at the moment. A few years back, I must admit, we didn’t have much to say but nowadays, the city is burning. There are a lot of parties everywhere – in classic clubs, in special locations or venues, and with all kind of electronic music (house, techno, deep house etc…) and literally it’s packed everywhere! And there is also the Weather Festival… Paris is literally burning. I don’t know if there’s anything distinctly Parisian about the city’s nightlife – I guess everywhere has its subtle differences. People get down here, that’s all you need to

Who are some artists from Paris we should look out for in 2016? Which Parisian artists have influenced you over the years?
There are a lot of artists to follow these days. Worldwide, in France or in Paris… loads! If I have to name a newcomer from Paris, I will say Reda Dare. He is a great producer and DJ. It’s sometimes hard to find someone who has skills in both disciplines… Over the years I’ve been influenced by many many Parisians: Dan Ghenacia, Terrence :Terry:, Jef K, Cyril K, Dyed Soundorom, Shonky to name but a few!

I was first influenced by their DJ skills when I started to go out. Then, when I got into the production side of things, it change the way I listen the music as well… And then other Parisians influenced me too like Point G, Julien Jabre etc…

What are you most looking forward to in 2016? Do you have any places you are most excited to visit? Or projects to put out? Or even people to see?
I am super excited to go to play at SXMusic festival in St Martin. It’s going to be the first time there for me, so I’m really excited about that as well as Weather Festival this summer in June. I am really happy to be part of this big event happening in my hometown. Production-wise, I am in the studio a hell of a lot right now, working on my first album. I’m looking forward to finishing it the way I want with not too much pressure, apart from the pressure I’m putting on myself to do it of course. So don’t expect it before end of the year. More close to us, ( djebali 10 ) is on the line, ( djebali ) Reworks 05 featuring Cab Drivers and Alci on the remix duty and a few remixes of mine coming out on Nofitstate, and sebo k’s scenario to name a couple.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix you have provided today?
This is a proper deep house mix, it’s a bit hypnotic at the end with plenty of groove throughout. I’d say you can listen to it on your way to work or at home when you get in and make yourself a good, hot cup of tea because it’s freezing outside… Deep and relaxing vibes, you know. Enjoy!

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01 Varoslav – I found her
02 Two Diggers – Stay Home
03 Audio Werner & Daniel Paul – Gemuet
04 Swoy – Unreleased
05 Hostom 002
06 CDR
07 IO – To The Unknown (Malin genie Remix)
08 Reda dare – RDNA
09 MP – Altii
10 Delano Smith – D1
11 Constant – Dub Life (SAM reshape)