Interview: Nature Of Music

Tell me about the making of your track “Amsterdam”. What was the influence/idea behind it?
The core idea of the song was done while we were visiting Amsterdam last summer. The vibrant energy of the city captures us every time we visit. We aimed to translate this feeling into the song. Another factor was some personal things that we were going through at the time, bittersweet to say the least. The second part of the song projects this in a way.

How has living in Toronto influenced your sound and the way you make music? What do you think of the current scene?
Toronto has long winters and although we both prefer sunny warm weathers, we admit that there’s something calm and focused about winters here. It’s a fantastic time to look within and to reflect. This has influenced our sound in many ways… We often find ourselves drawn to deeper and subtler sorts of music, the type of music that doesn’t give you the best of it so easily, but rather requires you to do some exploration on your own. Our production process is much the same way; patience is a big part of it.

Toronto’s scene is growing day by day, and electronic music including all it’s sub-genres is getting recognized more and more. Just like anywhere else, there’s always room for improvements, but overall we’re very happy with the way things are at the moment. We have some amazing promoters and clubs who work hard to bring new sounds and talent to the city and this really helps educate the younger crowd. We also have some fantastic local artists here that will surely make some serious noise soon. Overall, Toronto has a nice future, and it’s already been home to some great international artists.

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