Welcome to Deep House London! Where are you in the world right now?

I’m answering your questions from beautiful Cuenca in Ecuador. It’s my first time here and i am beyond excited to be playing here and in Quito tomorrow.

Congrats on the new EP, it’s a big one! What was the inspiration for it?

The main inspiration was definitely Behrouz’s nightclub in Miami. Very thankful that he invited me many times over the last 2 years to play there. The Club has a intimate and powerful energy, which I love. It was certainly on my mind when I produced the tracks “Motif of Presence” and “Ingenuity of the Universe”. The track “Rinpa” is inspired by the Japanese drawing technique Rinpa from the Edo-Period, where Japanese painters reinvigorated artistic traditions and idealized the past. In Japan, there is a long tradition of enjoying—and representing—the flora of each season, especially spring and autumn. Artists like Sakai Hōitsu (1761–1828) capture the shining beauty of spring on a gilded folding screen. Paintings like this introduced new ways of appreciating and describing the natural world. It left me speechless when i first saw them just about a year ago. The track “Fes” is a homage on the marrocan city Fes. A true Maze, where we got lost multiple times. I think if you listen to the track, you can here the hectic and

How did you connect with Do Not Sit for this?

This is already my second EP on DNS, and Behrouz and me where talking about a second release right after we decided to release the first one. Super grateful for his support.

When creating music do you have certain labels in mind or is that not something you think about?

Yes, i don’t think about labels when i produce music. After all i want to be free of influences to create the essence of my music. Interestingly enough, that’s something we talk about a lot on my patreon channel. (patreon.com/nhiimusic) And I always push the artist to be themselves and not to sound like somebody’s label.

What is your creative process like? Do you have concrete ideas before you start producing?

I start every Ableton project with a complete empty session, no templates. It forces me to do things differently every time which gets me excited. I love to play around with all the possibilities you have nowadays. My studio is a great hybrid between the analog and digital world. It is located in a vibrant part of brooklyn, which alone is a great inspiration. My ideas come from many different influences. It can be a peace of art, a interesting sentence in a book, a night club. I have been producing for many years now, and i think i reached a point where i can literally turn my ideas into music right away without losing much time. I guess it is important to not think too much while the creative process endures. The more you think, the more ego gets involved.

Have you been able to road test the new EP yet? What have the crowd reactions been like?

Yes, I’ve played the tracks already a few times in Ibiza, New York, LA. I guess, this is the reason why i love to produce. There is no better feeling than playing your own music and see a beautifully connection with the crowd.

How does it feel to be back to touring life? Is that something you missed throughout the pandemic?

Nhii, which stands for No human is illegal btw, is still a young project. I had my first release in early 2019. So i was not really used to touring yet. I had some nice gigs here and there, but still kind of slow. That’s why i am so excited about the current times. I have been playing in so many places around the world in the last 6-10 months and i have to pinch myself here and there, when i realize that all the work and dedication is paying off.

What are some of your favourite labels and artists right now?

Do not sit on the furniture, Kindisch, A tribe called kotori, Flying Circus are the obvious candidates here. Some more less known labels would be Sahel Records, Out of Options and Scenarios. Also i am part of the founding team of the newly founded label Sounds of Khemit. I’m mostly in charge of the A&R position and his has been so much fun to connect with the artists from this side of the industry too.

Some of my favorite Artists right now are Sydka, Bawab, Shrii, Jako Jako, Kyongpaul.

What are the key elements for the perfect party in your eyes?

A good soundsystem and no phones on the dancefloor.

Is there anything else coming up for you guys that you can tell us about? Big shows? New music?

I just started a weekly radio show on Ibiza Sonica, called Nhii presents Sounds of Khemit, every thursday from 4-5pm. Furthermore i have two more EPs coming in the next weeks and months on Flying Circus and Gardens of Babylon (Two Collaborations with my dear friend Elif).
And in June i will be heading to Europe to play some gigs in Berlin, London, Naples and many more before heading back to the US in July. I also plan to attend my first burning man this year!
Thank you for inviting me to this interview!


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