Southampton is where Ronnie Spiteri made his name, but the DJ has now played all over Europe.

Recently he played Do Not Sleep and the famous Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, and has residences at plenty of top places in the UK. As a producer he has served up some firing tracks that have had big support from the likes of Pete Tong and Hot Since 82.

Here, we talk to him about his studio process, how he preps his sets and about some of the new music he has coming. It’s a great insight into one of the key artists of the day.

“I never really get nervous from gigs. I think the correct word would be excited”

How long have you been DJing, how long has it taken you to get to this point?
I have been Djing for around 19 years, due to my dad having decks in the house all my childhood, but making music for the last 5 years.

When did you first start? When did you first get decks, what music were you playing?
I first started when I was around 8 years old, I got my decks (from my Dad) when I was around 10 years old and I was playing Rave/Old School House music back then.

And what is your style, how do you like to mix, fast and hard or long and slow?
I would like to think my style is underground House with a hint of Techno undertones throughout. My mixing style is all of those things, it’s very varied depending on what particular tracks I’m playing at that point in time or if I need to create moments of intensity for the dance floor I can layer bass and use fx to do that also.

You played the legendary Mambo’s this week – what was that like? Did you get nervous?
Yes it was my first Mambo gig and I’ll always remember it! I never really get nervous from gigs I think the correct word would be excited 🙂

And what was it like to be playing in Ibiza? Have you partied on the island much before? Any favourite places to go?
Yes Ibiza has a much better vibe everyone is always up for it and people are genuinely happy because there on the island. I have too many favourite places to mention you just need to come and see it all for yourself.

Do you plan your sets much, or pack a bag or USB specifically?
I always have an idea of how I want it to go but I never plan sets to much as you never know what the DJs before you will be playing, however I always have a folder on my usb stick from deeper to more peak time tracks and I mostly play my own music in my sets anyway.

Do you think about what your first tune might be? How important is that?
Yes I think the first track you play is important depending on what time you’re playing and how busy it is, if it is more peak time I like to play a big track of mine first to let people know where I’m about to take the night, otherwise I’d build it up a bit first

When in the studio, are you making tunes that fit your Dj sets or? Are the two related?
Yeah I always make music that fits in my DJ sets as I test a lot of my music out when I play it on big systems and then go back and tweak it in the studio. However sometimes I like to make a bit more chill out ambient sunset music when I get the time to experiment. I think its good to try your hand at other musical styles to keep creative ideas flowing when in the studio, if you made the same style of music all the time it wouldn’t be that inspiring for you.

I hear you have support from Hot Since 82 and Pete Tong Whats that like? How much does it mean? Have you spoken to either directly?
Yes so I have just signed my first EP to Hot Since 82’s Label ‘Knee Deep In Sound’ I have been talking to Hot Since 82 lots lately as he’s really excited about my release coming out on his label and thinks it’s going to be massive. Yeah I believe that it’s getting support from Pete and his team too.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?
This weekend I’m playing my residency at Switch Southampton and Abode in the park for Do Not Sleep which I’m really excited about also my release schedule is looking the best its ever been yet with the next four months all mapped out, I’m releasing on Mobilee, Viva Music, Knee Deep In Sound, Do Not Sleep & Truesoul.

Where do you hope to be in say five years time?
I’m going to keep grafting hard everyday in this industry and I aspire to establish the label and myself by touring on a global scale in the not too distant future.

“Multiply” is available 10 November on Knee Deep in Sound PRE ORDER

Upcoming shows
Oct 28th – Do Not Sleep 12hr Halloween Street party, Source, Maidstone
Nov 11th – Do Not Sleep, TBA, UK
Dec 11th – Boxed:Music Social, Manchester, UK

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