Sonny Fodera has very quickly become one of the biggest pin-ups in house music.

The Australian born DJ and producer has released a steady stream of hugely successful cuts both solo and also with Chicago legends like Green Velvet and Gene Farris. He releases on esteemed labels like Casual, Visionquest and Dirtybird and early in 2016 he put out his own In The House mix on the legendary Defected.

Full of his own tracks and remixes and plenty of new material, it also includes a hot new single, Feeling U Featuring Yasmin, which is a truly uplifting and feel good house anthem that is likely to be another one of his most standout cuts. As such,we tracked him down ahead of him heading out on tour around the UK, Australia and America to find out more…

“I love sharing knowledge, everyone has their own takes and ideas with a groove”

What is a day or week in the life of Sonny Fodera like right now? What do you do on the regular, and what do you do to relax and so on…
During the week I usually get up start my day with coffee, go through music promos, emails. I then head to my studio in London Fields and work on some music. TRY to go to the gym, this can be quite hard depending on what kind of weekend I had. Weekends are a different story especially with gigs, I have this thing about sorting out my set on the plane or train, listening to promos in this time period, I feel it hypes me up before the gig.

To relax I like watching tv series, I have been watching Top Boy lately and also The Wire, both classics. I also like to head out for drinks with friends and to restaurants, I am real foodie. So much culture and good food in London, it’s the best.

What are you most proud of so far in your career, would you say? What motivates you and keeps you going?
I think this In The House compilation is up there. To be apart of the artists that have compiled this compilation is defiantly a highlight for me. I always want to be better with my production, DJing, I am constantly thriving for more. It’s not really work for me, I love what I do, it is my life now, I think this defiantly helps.

How did you hook up with Defected and what has that been like working with them?
I hooked up with Defected about 2 years ago, I had a track on Cajmere / Green Velvets label called “Putting It Down”. Simon Dunmore (owner of Defected) contacted me saying how much he loved the track and asked me to remix something for the label. Then after that I went onto doing a few singles and doing parties with them, landed a residency at Ushiah in Ibiza and the rest is history!

Is it a label that influenced you as a DJ or producer coming up? If not, what has been important, musically, to you over the years?
100% I wanted to be on Defected for years, for vocal house music it is the pinnacle and best label. Such an amazing back catalogue and it has been around for more than 15 years, it definately a dream come true to be releasing on this label and now mixing the In The House compilation.

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