How did the In The House compilation come about? Did you say yes immediately, and how much of a challenge was it?
I recently signed an album deal with Defected and it was on the plane to Ibiza with Simon and he suggested to me, I said yes straight away, I have always wanted to do the compilation and I think it is perfect timing. It was definitely a challenge. I have 4 exclusives and 3 album tracks on there, the second mix was definitely harder as I had to really compress the track list, but I got there in the end I am really happy with the final product.

You collaborate quite often with lots of people – what is that? What do you like about working with others?
I really like working and vibing with other producers. I do a lot on my own, but I love to more tracky stuff with other producers. I guess a lot of it was started off by playing gigs with these other producers and we are like lets make a track together! That is how it usually has worked out.

Have you ever tried to work with anyone and it hasn’t been successful at all, and is there anyone you really dream of working with one day?
Of course! So many guys, I actually just made a track with some local Brazilian guys in Rio De Janiero this week. Cajmere really helped me when I was just starting out, I think it’s a good thing to help up and coming producers for sure. I have also been working with some local DJ’s/ Producers in London, I love sharing knowledge, everyone has their own takes and ideas with a groove so it’s interesting to be other peoples opinions also.

You have some formal teaching behind you in electronic music after a court at the Uni of Adelaide – how much of a help are they? Would you recommend such courses to anyone starting out?
I did a 6 month electronic music production course at the SAE institute in Adelaide with Adrian Whalland. He was right into Ableton Live, Reason and Pro Tools and really helped get it all happening, great teacher and really recommend the course to anyone. Also I did a Bachelor of Arts in Music technology which was more live sound and recording in a proper studio.

You play both small clubs and big festivals – which do you prefer and why? Do you switch up your sound to each?
I like both, you can’t really complain about playing to 5000 people at a festival, but sometimes you are a bit distanced from the crowd. I love playing small hot basement clubs with dope sound. I think it’s really important to do both festivals and small clubs.

You have lived all over but are currently settled in London, right? What took you there, and why do you move so much?
Well I am actually British, my mum was born in Penrith and I have a UK passport so I decided to come back to my roots especially after being signed to Defected, I wanted to be close to the powerhouse. I love London, I can’t really see my self being anywhere else other than New York which is where I will be about 3 months of this year, based while being on tour. The vibe, people and culture is next level in London. The fast paced lifestyle has really got a hold of me, and I call it home now.

‘Sonny Fodera Mixes the new ‘In the House’ Series and also headlines Ministry of Sound on Feb 6th for his Album launch party

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