Since his debut in Diynamic in 2009 until his Newcomer Dj Award in 2013, UNER has doubtlessly had the time of his life. After a whole life devoted to music, the reward comes in the shape of success among audience and critics, gigs all over the globe and his music released by the best electronic music labels; Cadenza, Cocoon, Visionquest, Cécille or Diynamic.

UNER unleashes his true potential during his gigs. His DJ sets are powerful, burst with energy and personality, and are aimed at the dancefloor. His setup, constantly evolving, combines four decks, dozens of FXs, touch controllers and a sampler, so during his sessions only his creativity is the limit.

On Saturday, August 15, UNER will go b2b with friend and peer Technasia at non other than London’s Ministry of Sound. UNER and Technasia’s back to back sets have been on people’s minds ever since they took the Winter Music Conference by storm, of which you can get a taste at the video on the bottom of this page.

Joining Technasia and UNER on Saturday will be Blond:ish and Pandora Drive. We spoke with UNER ahead of this event on his summer, highly personal musical directions, Ministory, and much more.

“We can’t deny that we’ve been through an economic crisis that has affected, not only, this industry, but all of them.”

How has your summer been so far? Have there been any standout dates for you? What are you looking forward to still?
My summer’s being even crazier than last year, because besides all the dates we’ve got a lot of studio work with new projects such as the live band, new label, etc …as well as keeping up with the family and everything else related to the work of a DJ, you know 🙂 Even so, happy about all the sessions we’re at both in Ibiza and elsewhere, and building up strength for the final stretch 🙂

One that I’m really looking forward to is my night at DC10 on 19 August alongside with Jamie Jones at his Paradise party. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!!

With Barcelona growing what looks like endlessly within the scene of underground dance, how would you describe the scene in Spain, especially within the Catalonian region? How have you personally witnessed the scene develop in Spain? Name some under-the-radar DJs/Producers from the region the rest of Europe (or the world) should be keeping an eye on?
The electronic scene just keeps getting better and better right now. Of course, we can’t deny that we’ve been through an economic crisis that has affected not only this industry, but all of them. And that’s been felt. But the clubs are really taking care of the line-ups and trying out new things, just like the festivals, too. Of course, part of the line-ups are always big and famous names, because let’s not forget that this is a business and nobody does this just for their friends, but the commitment towards new talent is getting bigger and bigger. I’d highlight two names, Piek and Baum, who are also good friends of mine. You should give them a listen 🙂

How does your home country and town influence you as an artist? Have you ever considered basing yourself outside Spain?
Any place where you spend a lot of your time influences your music. And being born there even more. Spain for me has been an influence in terms of light in music. I haven’t lived in a freezing climate, or with 340 days of clouds and rain, or in a country with a dividing wall or with wars lasting 100 years.
In general, the spirit that you breathe in Spain is happy, the weather is incredible, geography has given us all kinds of beauty and the people are lovely. So that has influenced my life making me a positive person and walking away from sorrows, although I have experienced them, which has made see music as a path towards smiles and not pale and sad faces, as well as shunning the arrogance of being the first, which we have never been. And that makes you even more natural because you don’t need to prove anything.

* And about moving away from my country, I thought about it many years ago, but today, now we live in the information society, I reckon it’s no longer necessary. I’ve tried it myself 🙂

As I am sure Ibiza has played a major influence in your career, what are some of your earliest memories of the island? Was there ever a moment on Ibiza where you knew you had made an impact on its nightlife scene?
Yes. Ibiza has really influenced my career and my life, because there I met lots of people that I now hang out with. Almost all of us pass through there at some time or another.

My first big emotional moment was my debut session in Ibiza, which was with Carl Cox at Space. I was warming up the terrace until he came on… I’ll never forget that moment. That opened the door for me to the island and I’ll never forget it.

And one of the turning points in my career was a couple of sessions three years ago where I played at Ushuaia alongside Luciano at one of his sessions and at Vagabundos, closing the night at Pacha on a Sunday. These two moments really influenced my career. Of course everything that’s happened, every moment has been important but there are some that really stand out.

With a new live LP on the way, will we see some more live performances from you in 2015/2016? How do you find touring life as a DJ, as opposed to as a live performer? Is there one you prefer?
Yes. I’ve just arrived from the studio, where we’re already starting to record all the tracks for the next album, which will all be live and with a band. Playing live again is something incredible for me! 😀

I wouldn’t be able to choose one of the two formats as I love playing live and I love DJing, but what I can say is that I really wanted to do a live project again with a band… rock and roll, you know 😀