BORNE ALOFT comprises of 3 Bulgarian artists formed by 1 classically trained and 2 bsc Audio engineers that have come together to create this new alias with mesmerising results right from the off! With their new release “Cinar” coming up on Maceoplex’s Ellum imprint, their second release on the label this year, we caught up with them to discuss what it means to release on such an esteemed label, how the three of them came to work together, and how their last year has been for them overall…

Hey guys, how are you, how has your year been so far?

Hey there, thanks for having us! We’re doing great, working on some new music. The year has been both challenging and productive – happily, we have launched the project BORNE ALOFT with 3 releases so far.

When did you three meet at first and how long till you started working together?

A mutual friend of ours introduced us at a bar. We found out that we share similar musical tastes and decided to give it a go. The result of our first jam session was Primal Urge, which came out on Ellum this year.

Do you all do all aspects of production or do you have certain specialties?

Everyone has their strong sides – one does mainly melodies & harmonies, the other one drums and arrangement, and the third synthesis and engineering. At the end we take all the decisions together in the music making process.

Are you all classically trained and how it influences the music you make?

Victor is a conductor and composer who studied in Vienna and performed many concerts with contemporary and experimental music. That played a major role leaning towards electronic music. Ivelin & Svetoslav have been DJ-ing since their teenage years, which led into studying Audio Engineering and Music Production in the UK. They’ve been working on crossover projects such as sound design & trailers for games and experimental recording techniques.

What instruments specifically do you play, and how often do you practice?

Victor is a clarinetist, pianist & singer. Ivelin & Svetoslav are into analogue synthesizers and drum machines. We’re currently preparing a techno live act where these skills are combined.

What’s it like to be working with the Ellum Audio label? How much of an inspiration has it been?

Ellum Audio is a label that we’ve been admiring for years. We didn’t expect to have two releases with them this year, which is an honour for us. There is a very friendly relationship among the artists in the label. The music on Ellum Audio is unique and versatile. Every artist is original in his/her own way.

Did Maceo himself get involved with feedback on the tracks? Have you learnt much from him?

We haven’t received a particular feedback from him but the fact that he has been jamming on our music across the world is the biggest compliment for us. His music has been very inspiring over the years.

What else have you got coming up?

We have already a few gigs lined-up and we’re busy in the studio producing new music.

What have been the best and worst things of the last year and why?

The best has been our releases coming out and the worst is that we weren’t able to perform and travel.

BORNE ALOFT’S “Cinar” Ep is out on Ellum Audio on 18th June
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