Known for his unique style, Idriss D is a versatile artist who’s held down long-standing residencies at venues such as Cocoricò Riccione and Amnesia Milano. As well as establishing himself as a producer and DJ,  he has also collaborated consistently since 2006 with one of the scenes guru’s Luciano as well as legendary artist Carl Craig.

Idriss looks to celebrate 16 years running his prominent Memento imprint with 16 shows in 16 cities in various locations. They also have a string of amazing releases kicking off with a super-slick 4 track EP from the talented DJ Rocca.

We caught up with Idriss to talk about his has label has evolved over the 16 years and what they have coming up.


Hey Idriss, how are you, how has your 2022 been so far?

Hello guys, I want to say it was a bit depressing after having all my gigs in December cancelled including nye+nyd …thank god my US tour was safe…now seems everything is going back on track!

Your label Memento just celebrated its 16th year anniversary! Congrats, that’s quite an achievement! What’s the aim with it, why did you start it and what music did you look to put out?

Yes 16 years of sacrifices, investment and satisfactions.

I started the label with few euros in the pocket but with big ideas in order to release the music I love and to grow up talents, the first releases ..maybe till the 15th were unknown acts back in ten years but with f++ solid music. Memento selecta is a versatile label, going from electronica down tempo, to minimal to crazy the analogue cops sound. We can sell less than tech house labels but you can be sure our fan base is loyal.

How did it go at first, can you remember the first few years?

Losing lot of money …the price to pay if you believe in what you do .. seems too materialist right ? I prefer to go straight to the point ..numbers. I started pressing vinyls and i keep doing it, so when the Waxx market broke down I had lot of back stock or returns ..its part of the game …tears but also smiles when Memento reached the respect of the “underground “scene, with take over showcases and the attention of artists as Luciano .. C2 ..DJ Pierre …that was a green light to keep going.

How has the mission evolved over time? Has the sound changed?

Honestly I don’t follow the hype …you can judge by your self listening what we release, the scene changes direction every year an half ..for my point of view who is addicted too this then will keep burning fan bases and rebuilding from zero constantly

How do you judge success, is it by sales, high profile support, or do you only care about you liking the music? 

Everything you mentioned is necessary …the music needs to be GOOD …in order to keep the respect and the hype ..of course selling permits to balance the accounting and keeping the investments on.

How important is artwork, format, merch, that sort of thing, or is it just about the music?

The image is very important, we need to get the attention of the people.

How do you evolve the sound of a label while staying true to the OG sound and not jumping on new hype bandwagon?

I think as staying truth and active will always permits us to stay alive in the market, you will have very high moments and also quiet moments but always with something to do ..being strong mentally is the rule of success as well.

What are you most proud of with the label so far?

We don’t accept demos ..we don’t collect demos ..this is not being snob..means we have from our entourage such big material to select and release.. I’m proud of this.

Will you do anything to mark the 16th anniversary?

Memento does 16 parties around the world as a take over.
Memento XS residency every Monday at Macarena Club in Barcelona.

What else has the label got coming up?

Ok I’ll reveal then the release plan 🙂

Memento 046 Dj Rocca now
Memento 047 Howie b + Luciano remix
Memento 048 Adamski
Memento 049 chicago crew ep : DJ Pierre + K Alexi Shelby + Kc Wray
Memento 050 : Idriss D album
Memento 051 : Ftg & Steb

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